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Accommodation for Students in Canada

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• Accommodation is an essential thing to consider before applying to study in Canada.

• In Canada, international students can find different types of accommodation according to their needs, such as on-campus -housing (hostels/dormitories), shared apartments, homestay, rented apartments, and cooperative housing/co-ops.

• Read the blog to learn about different housing options and their costs.

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Thousands of students go to Canada every year to pursue higher education. Before going there, one needs to consider various factors, one of which is accommodation. Finding a place to stay in a new country can be difficult, so many international students search for accommodation in Canada. 

In this blog, aspiring students will learn about different housing options and the cost of living in different cities in Canada. The write-up also explains how to find accommodation in Canada and the most affordable cities so that students can decide which housing option to go for and choose accordingly. 

Accommodation in Canada for International Students

One of the biggest concerns for any international student studying in a foreign country is selecting the right accommodation type. Anyone can get stressed by thinking about where they will live in a place where everyone is a stranger. While studying in Canada, students can choose from 2 types of accommodation: on-campus and off-campus.

Let's understand both in the next topic. 

Living On-Campus (College or University) in Canada

If students choose to live on the college or university campus, that would be called Living in residence. A room in residence provides students with a bed, desk, and shelves. The cost of living in residence includes the option of adding meals, which means students can eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It is a suitable option for students who come to study in Canada only for 1 or 2 semesters.

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Benefits of On-campus Accommodation in Canada

Following are the various benefits Indian students can get while living on-campus in Canada.

Easy access to campus and libraryWhen students live on-campus, they can find the library within campus only.
Less transportationStudents don’t have to travel much as they will find all the facilities on the campus.
Easy to make friendsInternational students will interact with their classmates while living on-campus and can easily make friends.
More safetyStudents living on-campus are safer as the campus will have a proper security system. 
Better Academic PerformanceStudents will perform better academically when university students surround them. 

Living Off-Campus (Private Housing) in Canada

If students cannot find on-campus housing, they can choose an off-campus option, which can be more affordable than living in residence. However, students would have to pay for additional items such as:

• Furniture
• Bedding and towels
• Cooking utensils for the kitchen
• Food and cleaning supplies
• Electricity
• Internet connection
• Cable television or streaming service

Benefits of Off-campus Accommodation in Canada

Living in off-campus accommodation in Canada can be beneficial for Indian students in the following ways:

More Freedom and IndependenceWhile living off-campus, students are free from any restriction of the university.
Adult Life ExperienceWhen living outside, students will learn about the nitty gritty of different things, making them mature. 
Lower CostStudents may be able to find accommodation at a lower cost than on-campus. For e.g., while living in a shared apartment, they can reduce costs a lot.
Privacy and SpaceStudents can have privacy while living off-campus by creating personal spaces and setting clear boundaries. 

Types of Accommodation in Canada for Students

Under the on-campus and off-campus housing, students can find different types of accommodation in Canada according to their needs and budget. The following are some of the housing options available to international students in Canada.

On-campus -housing (Hostels/Dormitories)Many Universities in Canada provide on-campus residence for new international students. This is one of the most preferred options by Indian students. Dormitories are large spaces accommodating many students, while condominiums are small apartments where three to five students can live easily. First-year students usually prefer dormitories. Both types of accommodation offer a cafeteria or food court.
Shared ApartmentA shared apartment is one of the off-campus housing options for accommodation in Canada. In shared apartments, one can live alone or with roommates. Students get a single room in shared apartments but must share a bathroom, kitchen, and living area.
HomestayHomestay is another off-campus accommodation option for international students. It is a perfect option for those who want to stay with a local family. In this, students get a private room and three meals every day. 
Rented ApartmentPrivate accommodation or a rented apartment is another off-campus option. The good thing is that students can book these apartments online. Here, students can live independently and can learn problem-solving skills.
Cooperative Housing/Co-opsCooperative housing is a community-owned housing cooperative where residents collectively maintain the property. It offers affordable housing options for Indian and international students.
DuplexesA duplex is a building that has two separate units with the same structure. Each unit has an entrance, kitchen, living area, bedroom, bathroom, etc. It provides more privacy compared to dormitories or shared houses. 

How to Find Accommodation in Canada for Students?

Now, let's look at the most important part of the blog: finding accommodation in Canada. In the following table, students can see the complete process that they can use to find accommodation in Canada. 

Consider needsBefore finding a house, students must consider various factors, such as whether they want a house as a temporary or permanent home, how much budget they can allocate every month, the location, and what type of accommodation they are looking for.
Search OnlineStudents can use online listing websites and social media platforms such as Facebook groups to look for a To-Let Ad. Some popular Canadian platforms they can use are Kijiji, Rentfaster, PadMapper, etc. 
Use your NetworkTo find accommodation, students can also ask their faculty and friend circle who may know a good and affordable place to live.
Be prepared to act QuicklyStudents must understand Canada’s rental market is competitive and act as fast as possible. They must keep some documents handy, such as proof of income and other required documents.

Cost of Accommodation in Canada for Students

Now, students might be wondering how much it will cost them to get accommodation because it is one of the significant factors that will impact their decision. The on-campus accommodation in Canada with meals will cost around CAD 750 to CAD 2,000 per month. However, the cost will depend on the university. 

On the other hand, when students live off-campus for homestay, it will cost them around CAD 650 to CAD 2,300 per month. This cost may vary depending on the size and location of the accommodation. 

Most Affordable Cities for Accommodation in Canada

To lower the cost of accommodation, students must choose a city where the cost of housing is low. Here is a list of the most affordable cities in Canada where students can find accommodation at a lower price.

• Saskatoon
• Regina
• Winnipeg
• Edmonton
• Montreal
• Halifax
• Windsor
• Calgary
• Ottawa
• Kingston

City-Wise Cost Comparison in Canada

The cost of housing adds to the cost of living in Canada for Indian students.  Therefore, comparing the cost of living in Canada in different cities is essential to finding the most affordable option. Here is the list of rooms at homestays in various cities, housing options, and costs. Students must note that the cost is an estimated range and can vary. 

City & Room DescriptionPrice Per Month (CAD)
Toronto - Private room in a home (Meal plan Full Board)1,300-1,500
Vancouver - Private room in a home (Mebal plan Full Board)1,200-1,400
Kitchener - Private room in a home (Meal plan Full Board)1,000-1,100
Winnipeg - Private room in a home (Meal plan Full Board)900-1,000
Windsor - Private room in a home (Meal plan Half Board)800-900
York Regional District - Private room in a home (Meal plan Full Board)1,400-1,500
Thunder Bay - Private room in a home (Meal plan Half Board)1,400-1,500
Lethbridge - Private room in a home (Meal plan Full Board)900-1000
London - Private room in a home (Meal plan Half Board)1,000-1,100
Victoria - Private room in a home (Meal plan Full Board)1,000-1,100


A student who wants to study in Canada has to take care of many things before starting their studies. One such concern is accommodation. There are two types of accommodation students can choose from - on-campus and off-campus. Both accommodation types have pros and cons, which students need to consider before finalizing anything. To find suitable accommodation in Canada, students should do proper research. To learn more about accommodation in Canada, they can also connect with Study abroad consultants at Canam. 


On average, accommodation in Canada can cost approximately between 14,400 CAD to 23,000 CAD per year. 
Students can find different types of accommodation in Canada, such as apartments, duplexes, single-detached houses, private rooms, etc. 
Students can use online platforms to find affordable accommodation in Canada and network with Indian students. 
University authorities, rental websites & groups, and student unions or student associations on campus are the best sources to find accommodation in Canada.
Montreal, Sherbrooke, Laval, Calgary, and Ottawa are some of Canada’s cheapest cities for accommodation for international students. 
Finding accommodation in Canada can be tricky as there are so many options one can choose from, such as shared apartments, duplexes, rented apartment
homestay, cooperative housing, etc. 

Students can choose accommodation after considering factors such as location, reviews, facilities, price, etc. 

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