1 Year Masters Programs in the USA

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1 Year Master's Program in the USA is an excellent way for a student to advance their career in the field of their interest. Many programs are available for students that offer outstanding learning experiences. These 1-year programs open up opportunities while saving time and money.

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Pursuing a Master's degree in the USA is a dream for many individuals. However, many conditions can make attending a 2-3 years Master's degree program difficult for a student. For those scenarios, there are many 1 Year Master's Programs in the USA that students can apply for to make their dream of studying abroad come true and create a bright future for themselves. These 1 Year master's programs allow students to complete their students and boost their jobs to join the workforce as soon as possible. Students can also opt for these programs to upscale their skills, add value to their resumes, and bag high-paying jobs.

How Studying 1 Year Master's Program in the USA is Beneficial?

Studying 1 year Master's program in the USA can be a very empowering step for many students as there are many advantages to getting a master's degree from the esteemed universities of the USA. The degree provided by the universities from the USA is recognized by almost every country in the world. It can work as leverage over other candidates when applying for a job. The USA offer more than 2 million courses that students can choose from. Students can also opt for post-MS stay permits, research opportunities, merit-based scholarships and work-study programs to gain additional support to continue their education and complete the degree.

Reasons why 1 year master programs in the USA are beneficial:

  • All students get the opportunity to work for one year under OPT
  • After the completion of Masters in STEM courses, students can get a 24-month OPT extension.
  • Students get excellent career opportunities after completing their Master's degrees in the USA.
  • The USA is renowned for its advanced learning methods, and its teaching method can work wonders for students who wish to learn new things and gain excellence in their field of study.
  • The USA is home to diverse cultures, and students can widen their horizons while learning about different cultures worldwide.

Eligibility Criteria for 1 Year Master Programs in the USA

Although the eligibility criteria differ from institute to institute, there are some general checkpoints that a student must pass to get admission to their desired university. Here are some of those eligibility checkpoints:

  • Bachelor's degree in a relevant field of study
  • GMAT*( 550+)/GRE* score (300 or above)
  • Statement of Purpose
  • 2-3 Letters of Recommendation
  • Research internships and papers must to boost the application during the selection process*.
  • Highlighting of all the extra skills and activities to better assess the candidate's history and personality.

1 Year Master Programs in the USA: Documents Required for Admission Process

Getting admission to 1 Year Master's program in the USA is a lengthy process and requires a lot of documents to get admission. Here are some of the documents that the students must submit:

  • Academic transcripts: Students must submit all their academic transcripts, including mark sheets from previous institutions, along with a sealed envelope with the respective stamp and principal's signature.
  • CV: An updated CV is required, highlighting the work experience and quantity of research work.
  • Statement of Purpose: A statement of purpose must be submitted with the application to convey all the information about the applicant and their objectives to the admission committee. This document is essential to increase the chances of admission to the course.
  • Letter of recommendation: At least 2-3 letters of recommendation must be submitted for a smooth admission process.
  • Financial statement: Financial statement that is no more than 2 months old is necessary to showcase sufficient funds to get admission in a 1-year's Master study program.
  • Work Experience* : Some programs may require work experience.
  • Passport: A passport work as proof of identity during the visa application process.

Universities with 1 Year Master's program in the USA

Here is a list of universities along with the one year programs they offer, to make it easier for students to find the university that suits their interest:

UniversityOne Year Program
University of Massachusetts AmherstMaster of Science in Business Analytics
Northeastern University
  • Master of Law
  • Master of Science in Economics
  • Master of Science in Finance
Arizona State University
  • LLM Master of Laws
  • Master of Mass Communication
  • Master of Arts in Journalism
  • Master of Science in Information Systems Management
  • Master of Urban Design
The University of Arizona
  • Master of Science in Economics
  • Master of Science in Genetics
New York Film Academy
  • Master of Arts in Film and Media Production
  • Master of Arts in Producing
University of New HavenMaster of Business Administration
Full Sail University
  • Master of Fine Arts in Film Production
  • Master of Science in Entertainment Business
  • Master of Science in Game Design
  • Master of Science in Sports Management
Florida Atlantic University
  • Master of Science in Business Analytics - Traditional
  • Master of Science in International Business
  • Master of Science in Supply Chain Management
Saint Louis University
  • Master of Business Administration
  • Master of Law
Drew University
  • Master of Science in Data Science
  • Master of Education
  • Master of Science in Finance
Rochester Institute of Technology
  • Master of Science in Technology Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship
Pace University - New York
  • Master of Business Administration in Business Analytics
  • Master of Science in Applied Quantitative Economic Analysis and Policy
  • Master of Science in Cybersecurity
LIM College

  • Master of Professional Studies in Business of Fashion
  • Master of Professional Studies in Fashion Merchandising and Retail Management
State University of New York College at GeneseoMaster of Science in Accounting
Kent State University
  • Master of Business Administration
  • Master of Science in Business Analytics
  • Master of Science in Emerging Media and Technology
Duquesne University
  • Master of Science in Analytics and Information Management
  • Master of Science in Biotechnology
Washington State University
  • Master of Architecture
  • Master of Science in Apparel, Merchandising, Design and Textiles
  • Master of Science in Applied Economics
  • Master of Science in Computer Science
  • Master of Science in Chemical Engineering
  • Master of Science in Civil Engineering
1 Year Master's Program in the USA can be an excellent kick-start for students wanting to upscale their skills and resume to make them more powerful than other students and applicants. It can be a great addition or critical factor that can help bag a high-paying job. A Master's degree from the USA is acknowledged by almost every country, which makes it a perfect location for international students to study. The short duration of the 1-year program is also a significant reason why students from around the world want to enrol in one of the universities in the USA.

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Some of the universities that students can consider to pursue their 1 Year Master's Program in the USA include:
•    University of Massachusetts Amherst
•    Northeastern University
•    Arizona State University
•    The University of Arizona
•    New York Film Academy
•    University of New Haven
•    Full Sail University
•    Florida Atlantic University
•    Saint Louis University
•    Drew University
•    Rochester Institute of Technology
Yes, studying for a Master's from the top colleges and universities can be a great addition to a resume and help student upscale their skills and abilities.
What are the eligibility criteria for admission to Master's programs in the USA?
Here are some essential eligibility criteria that every applicant needs to fulfil:
•    A bachelor's degree from an accredited college and university
•    With a minimum GPA of 3.0
•    Relevant work experience
•    English proficiency test scores
Here are some of the popular specializations for 1-year Master's programs in the USA:
•    Business administration
•    Finance
•    Computer science
•    Information technology
•    Social work
•    Public health
•    Marketing
There are several ways in which students can find a 1-Year Master's program in the USA that suits their needs like:
•    Search online: Students can search online for the program of their choice.
•    Contact universities: another great way to learn more about the 1-year programs is by directly approaching the universities and discussing it with their representatives.
•    Ask a professional: A Canam professional who can help you prepare for studying abroad also guide you about the 1-year programs which you are eligible to apply for.

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