Canadian Academic English Language (CAEL) Test Guide

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Canadian Academic English Language (CAEL) Test Guide

CAEL CE short for Canadian Academic English Language is a test designed to measure the English proficiency of students aspired to study in Canada. CAEL is considered one of the best tests to identify students with the right English skills for academic settings. The test gives the exact representation of the Canadian English used in the Canadian educational environment. The test takers have to read articles, listen to a lecture, answer questions and have to write a short essay. The test assesses the student in four modules, i.e., speaking, reading, listening, and writing, and the duration of the test is 3.5 hours.

Why take the CAEL CE test?

CAEL CE test represents the exact language used in the Canadian academic setting. Following are the reasons why to take the CAEL test:

  • Computer-Delivered: 

CAEL CE test is a computer-based test that is completed in one sitting. It also includes features such as a personal timer and word counter, as well.

  • Accepted all over Canada: 

CAEL CE test score is accepted by more than 180 Canadian universities and colleges.

  • Quick online results: 

CAEL CE test score is available online in 8 business days. The scores can be sent to 5 institutions at no extra cost.

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Test Scores

Candidates receive separate English proficiency scores for Listening, Reading, speaking, and writing modules along with an overall score. The marking is done on a scale from 10-90. The scores are accompanied by the descriptors of what your score means. The following table represents descriptors as well as scores:

CAEL CE Score CAEL CE Band Descriptor
80-90 EXPERT: Demonstrates a high level of competence, effectiveness, and accuracy in academic environment.
70 ADEPT: Candidate uses accurate language most of the time in most settings
60 ADVANCED: Candidate shows competence in academic or professional settings
50 HIGH INTERMEDIATE: Candidate shows some competence in academic environment; communication breaks down in places.
40 INTERMEDIATE: Candidate shows some ability to comprehend and articulate complex ideas and arguments
30 HIGH BEGINNER: Candidate represents basic ideas about familiar topics in routine settings
10-20 LOW BEGINNER: Candidate communicates with limited ability

CAEL CE Test Format:

The duration of the CAEL CE test is 3.5 hours. It includes reading, writing, speaking and listening modules. Look at the following table for information:

MODULE Time allotted No. of tasks Component Sections
SPEAKING 7-10 minutes 3 2 speaking tasks based on a short question and another speaking task that will be based on a graph or diagram or a chart
INTEGRATED READING 35-50 minutes 14-25 1-2 small reading passages with questions. 1-2 long reading passages with questions.
    1 1 speaking task that is to be answered by using material from a long reading passage.
INTEGRATED LISTENING 25-35 minutes 14-25 1-2 small listening passages with questions 1-2 long listening passages with questions.
    1 A speaking question that will be answered using material from a long listening passage.
Academic Unit A 60-70 minutes 11-15 a long reading passage with questions
    11-15 A long listening passage on the same topic, with  questions
    1 A writing question requiring a response, using material from reading and listening passages.
Academic Unit B 40-45 minutes 11-15 A long reading passage with questions
    11-15 A long listening passage on the same topic, with questions
    1 A writing question requiring a small response, using material from reading and listening passages.

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