The Highest Paying jobs for International Students in Dubai 2020-21

The Highest Paying jobs for International Students in Dubai 2020-21

Dubai has become a popular and prominent city across the world in a small span of time. Due to its stellar architecture, luxurious lifestyle, colorful cuisines, and amazing shopping experiences make it a traveler’s paradise. Over the years, Dubai has also carved a niche for itself as an ideal study destination with state of the art, highly prestigious universities establishing their campus locations in the country.

The employment opportunities in Dubai have made it a top choice for industry professionals. A lot of people today are relocating to Dubai in search of better career options and the availability of jobs in the country has made it attractive to more and more people. We’ve put together a list of the highest paying professions in Dubai, to give you a better insight into various jobs and their scope in the industry:


Operations Manager is a job that involves enormous amounts of responsibility, and their average salary is AED 210,800 ($57,400). As Operations managers, one needs to make sure that everything in the company is working smoothly without any hindrance. Productivity and profit are two of the most essential pre-requisite for an operations manager. Along with that, he/she must oversee staff, workflow, budgets, and other operations. For this position, one requires excellent organisation and management skills and must be well aware of the do’s and dont’s of the industry. Most operations manager jobs require a simple Bachelor’s degree in the field of business or management along with relevant experience in the field.


As a business development manager an individual must oversee all aspects of a company that help them boost their business and expand their client base. This job has been in high demand for the past few years as big and small business enterprises along the world have been growing. The job is high paying in Dubai and one can earn upto AED 185,400 ($50,500). Along with guiding the sales and marketing teams, BDM are also incharge of expanding the client lists and improving the existing connections. In order to succeed in this profession one must me skilled in communication, connectivity, and the art of negotiation.


Dubai is famous around the world for its stunning, majestic architecture and state of the art sky scarppers. No wonder civil engineers are one of the highest paid professionals in the country. From determining the material that goes into the constructions, to the viability and environmental impact of a building, a civil engineer is responsible for all of it. The average salary for a civil engineer is AED 88,000 ($24,000) and as the city’s infastructure is growing the demand for this profession is growing manifold. Civil engineers are involves with construction of buildings, bridges, tunnels, waterways, skyscrappers, airports, bus terminals, and many more. They work in collaboration with architects, designers, project engineers, construction workers as well as government employees. One must at least have a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering and if you have a master’s degree it is even better.


Engineering is definitely one of the most lucrative, successful, and respectable career option in Dubai. Almost every company big or small requires engineers in various verticals and as the businesses and corporations, more and more jobs are opening up for engineers. The automotive, automobile, and aviation industry in the country is grwoing and so are the jobs for mechanical engineers. These professionals work closely with electrical and civil engineers, as they are involved in building construction such as heating system, designing and building equipment and so on. An average mechanical engineer earns upto AED 79,300 ($21.600) and can do even better financially with more experience.

These are the highest paying jobs in Dubai for the year 2020-21. Along with all the jobs mentioned above, a number of other jobs such as accontancy, project engineers, business management, electrical engineers etc are extremely high paying and also have their own perks. This is predominantly why more and more professionals have been traveling to Dubai in search of better, more lucrative professional opportunities.