MBA in Business Analytics in the USA: Universities, Eligibility, Admissions Process, Documents and Job Opportunities

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Improve an organization’s business outcomes and step into strategy and leadership roles with an MBA in Business Analytics from leading institutes in the USA. This specialized degree helps MBA aspirants navigate today’s digital age with precision. In this insightful blog, let us explore MBA programs in Business Analytics across the universities in the USA. 

MBA-in-Business-Analytics-in-the-USA.webpThe United States of America (USA) is at the forefront of higher education. To embrace the prominence of a data-centric world, special educational programs have been introduced that seamlessly blend traditional business management with unconventional data analytics techniques. A program that spearheads this transformation is MBA in Business Analytics in the USA.

Through this comprehensive guide, explore the dynamic field of MBA in Business Analytics, a pathway that not only taps into the wealth of big data but also prepares individuals to navigate the data-driven landscape.

The Benefits of Pursuing an MBA in Business Analytics in the USA

While an MBA equips professionals with management skills that help them take up leadership roles, a specialized MBA in business analytics helps them understand how their businesses can leverage big data. Below are some key benefits of pursuing an MBA in Business Analytics in the USA:

High Demand 

Graduates with a degree in an MBA in Business Analytics can explore opportunities globally. The business world provides a multitude of possibilities. With businesses generating vast amounts of data, an increase in the demand for professionals equipped in analyzing and extracting valuable insights from the available data is seen.

Strategic Decision Making

Today’s contemporary business world requires smart and strategic solutions. The field of Business Analytics equips professionals with the tools and skills essential to build strategies in tandem with current market requirements. The strategies help in enhancing business operations and growth. 

Strong Connections

Those in the business sector have to interact with professionals from diverse fields regularly. With an MBA in Business Analytics, they build everlasting connections that enhance one’s professional career immensely. 

Scope for Growth

Business Analytics is truly the career of tomorrow. Graduates with an MBA in Business Analytics will have a bright future in the global market. They can take data-driven initiatives and influence an organization’s path to success. 

Apart from the above-mentioned factors, an MBA in Business Analytics is a versatile field that lets professionals enjoy the best of business management and analytics. 

Universities for MBA in Business Analytics in the USA

Universities in the USA are renowned for their MBA in Business Analytics degrees. They offer a wide range of courses with an extensive scope of research. Their intelligently curated academic curriculum is taught by highly qualified faculties. 

The table below enlists some of the universities in the USA that offer an MBA in Business Analytics.

Name of the CourseName of the University
Master of Science in Management with Concentration in Business AnalyticsFaulkner University, Montgomery, Alabama, USA 
Master of Science in Business Analytics (STEM)California State University, Hayward, California, USA 
Master of Business Administration With Concentration in Business AnalyticsUniversity of New Haven, West Haven, Connecticut, USA 
Master of Science in Business Analytics (STEM)University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Massachusetts, USA 
Master of Science in Business Analytics
University of New Hampshire, Durham, New Hampshire, USA 
Master of Business Administration in Business Analytics (STEM)New York Institute of Technology, New York, USA 
Master of Business Administration with Concentration in Business AnalyticsAnderson University, Anderson, South Carolina, USA 

Eligibility Criteria for MBA in Business Analytics in the USA

The universities that offer an MBA in Business Analytics in the USA have some common entry requisites in place. Below are some common eligibility criteria for MBA in Business Analytics in the USA:

• Prospective students must have a good GPA in their overall academic record. The candidate must have 12 years of schooling from a recognized board of study without any gaps. 
• To secure admission to an MBA in Business Analytics in the institutions of USA, it is important for students to prove their English language skills.
• Standardized exams such as GMAT and GRE are also important criteria to secure admission to MBA in Business Analytics. Students are advised to keep track of the score requirements of each university. 
• Students should regularly update their resume. Prior job experience is an advantage.

Documents Required to Pursue an MBA in Business Analytics in the USA

To take admission to an MBA in Business Analytics in the USA, students should provide the following list of documents:

• Students should provide certificates and mark sheets of high school, graduation, and post-graduation degrees.
• Entrance examination scores of GRE, GMAT, SAT, and ACT, among others.
• English Language proficiency test scores of IELTS,TOEFL and other recognized tests. 
• US universities require a minimum of two letters of recommendation. These can be requested from past employers or faculty members from colleges and universities attended.
• The statement of Purpose (SOP) should be carefully drafted to demonstrate why the student is interested in pursuing the degree at US University.
• Prospective students must update their resume. In case of prior work experience, many US Universities might waive off the need for GRE test scores. 
• The student should have a valid passport and other national identification proofs.
• They should also have two recently clicked passport-size photographs. 
• Students should have evidence of their funding options for their degree. 
• For every university a student applies to, there will be an application fee. The student should carefully keep the fee payment acknowledgement slip. The slip is a crucial document as it confirms the receipt of the application.

Application Process to Pursue an MBA in Business Analytics in the USA

While getting ready for the application procedure for an MBA in Business Analytics, the student should take care of the following steps as given below:

• To pursue an MBA in Business Analytics in the USA, the student must explore universities that offer the course.
• After thoroughly shortlisting the preferred universities, the candidate should connect with the study abroad consultant and stay updated with the college’s official website for international entry requirements. 
• They should then pay the application fee and apply for the colleges/universities shortlisted. 
• The student should make every effort to submit all documents successfully. They should avoid delays in arranging academic transcripts, English test scores, etc. 
• The student should make the necessary arrangements to attend the interview.
• Upon successfully applying, the student should arrange their funds and apply for the applicable visa.

Throughout the application process, students should keep checking for updates regarding the deadline. This will ensure that they apply well in time for a particular intake. 

Job Opportunities after an MBA in Business Analytics in the USA

Irrespective of the upheaval in the economy, professionals with an MBA in Business Analytics will always be in demand. Professionals can pursue a career in the following:

• Application Architects
• Big Data Analysts
• Chief Data Officer
• Chief Technology Officer
• Data Analysts
• Data Architect
• Data Scientists
• Financial Analyst
• Machine Learning Engineer
• Management Consultant
• Market Research Analyst
• Project Manager


With a degree in MBA in Business Analytics from a university in the USA, students can take a crucial step towards securing their bright future. Widely recognized universities in the USA provide students with advanced learning options within their MBA courses. MBA aspirants are presented with an opportunity to apply their learnings in life and excel in all spheres. Students seeking assistance in applying to American universities can connect with Canam Consultants. Their trusted overseas consultants will help aspirants apply to their dream colleges and establish a successful career in business analytics in America.  


With an MBA in Business Analytics, students are exposed to multiple programs essential in honing their technical and management skills. 
No, this course does not require coding knowledge. But, a student equipped with a fundamental understanding of coding will be able to strengthen their profile in today’s dynamic job atmosphere. 
The Data Analytics market in the USA provides a multitude of career opportunities for graduates of MBA in Business Analytics. Universities in the USA provide extensive scope for research in the dynamic field of Business Analytics. The highly educated and experienced faculty helps aspirants realize their goals.
As an individual, if a student likes to compile data and utilize it to sort problems and provide business intelligence to help organizations make strategic decisions, MBA in Business Analytics in the USA would be a strong foundation for their career.
To pursue an MBA in Business Analytics in the USA, a candidate must possess an equivalent of a 4 year US Bachelor’s degree with a competitive score. Universities in the USA that offer an MBA in Business Analytics also require aspirants to submit their English language proficiency test scores. 

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