M Arch in the USA for Indian Students: Universities, Admission Requirements, Scholarships, Jobs

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M Arch in the USA is a professional degree program that helps students study and build an architect career. Pursuing M Arch in the USA is a great way to boost one’s career and experience learning through advanced methods and techniques. In this blog, students can read about the universities and colleges offering M. Arch in the USA, admission requirements, scholarships, and job opportunities after graduation.

M Arch in the USA is a 2-year full-time programme which prepares students to create a successful career in the architectural field. To get admission in this course, the student must have a degree in Bachelor of Architecture or an equivalent field with a minimum GPA score of 3.0 on a scale of 4.0. Students might also need to submit their TOEFL scores to determine their eligibility for the degree. This blog contains all the information regarding the admission requirements, the best universities to consider, scholarships and job options in the USA.

Why the USA for a Master in Architecture?

The USA is full of opportunities for students who wish to pursue a Master's in Architecture because of the vast architectural influence and exposure all over the USA. Many famous buildings in the USA signify the epitome of architecture and human imagination. In light of this, the USA  has some of the best courses and universities dedicated to art and architecture.

Master's in Architecture in the USA: Eligibility Criteria

There's a series of eligibility criteria that a student must follow to qualify for a Master's in Architecture in the USA. These conditions differ for different universities, but here are some of the most common conditions that almost every university asks for: 

• Degree of Bachelor of Architecture (B. Arch.) or its equivalent
• GRE scores
• Language proficiency test scores (TOEFL IBT-90)

Universities to Pursue M Arch in the USA 

Many universities in the USA offer great M. Arch courses. Students can apply to any of these universities to chase their dreams and get admission in the Master's programme:

• Kent State University (Public University)
• New York Institute of Technology - New York City Campus (Private University)
• Academy of Art University (Private University)
• Arizona State University

Admission Requirements for M Arch in the USA

The documents required for admission to the Master in Architecture in the USA are listed below:

• A Statement of Purpose
• Academic Transcripts
• 2-3 Letters of Recommendation
• English Language Proficiency Test Scores
• GRE Scores Proof
• Updated Resume
• Portfolio of previous projects
• Proof of work experience

English Language Requirements for Different Universities for M Arch in the USA

Different Universities have different requirements when it comes to language proficiency scores. Here is a list of universities and the score requirements to get admission to M. Arch:

Kent State University6.57958110
New York Institute of Technology - New York City Campus (Private University)6.07953105
Academy of Art University (Private University)6.580-120
Arizona State University6.58060105

The scores mentioned in the table above are the minimum the university requires to get admission to M. Arch. Still, these scores may vary depending on the qualifications and other conditions. It is advised to always check with the program directly to get the most accurate and up-to-date information.

Masters in Architecture in the USA: Scholarships

Scholarships assist students with financial difficulties to cover their tuition fees, living expenses, travel costs and other extra expenses. Many universities in the USA offer excellent scholarship options for international students. Here are some of the universities students can approach to avail of scholarship programs to pursue M Arch in the USA:

• Wright state university
• Kent state university

Jobs after Master in Architecture in the USA

Architecture is a discipline that's always in demand and handsomely paid. Students can grab the opportunities after completing their Master's degree to land a high-paying job and earn in the USA. It is essential to mention that proper documents and visas will be required from the student to work in the USA. Here are some of the specializations that students can choose to build their career in after completion of their degree:

SpecializationAverage Salary Range in USD per annum (Approximately)
Architect $80,000- $120,00 
Senior Project Architect$97,000- $114,000 
Architectural Designer $61,000- $85,000
Urban Planner$73,000- $98,000 
Project Architect$84,000- $104,000
Design Architect$60,000- $112,000 
Intern Designer $41,000- $ 65,000
Architect Drafter$50,0000- $70,000
Architectural Manager$95,000- $117,000 
Architectural Technician$45,000- $65,000
Architecture Specifications Writer$60,000- $80,000 
Architecture Estimating  Manager$75,000- $95,000 
Architect Consultant$100,000- $120,000

It is important to note that the average salaries of all the jobs mentioned in the table can vary based on the occupation, experience and other criteria.


The growth opportunities for architects in the USA are rising as there's always a heavy demand for exceptional and talented architects. The high demand makes pursuing M Arch in the USA a perfect option to grow and create a career in this field. Many universities offer Masters in Architecture in the USA and various scholarships to promote the discipline and make it easier for students with financial difficulties to study architecture. The universities in the USA also offer other schemes that help to support and sustain basic lifestyle requirements. With a diverse culture and supportive educational systems, the USA is counted in the list of leading countries for studying M Arch. 

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M Arch is a Master's degree program offered by many universities in the USA. This program trains students to plan and design innovative infrastructure. 
M Arch in the USA typically spans over 2-3 years. This degree provides in-depth information and an understanding of architecture.
To get admission to a master's program in the USA, the student must first meet all the eligibility criteria and required minimum scores in English Proficiency Tests.
Yes, M Arch graduates can find great job opportunities after completing their program. Many recruiters in the USA hire Master of Architecture students.
Yes, many universities offer significant scholarships to eligible students. Some of the universities are mentioned below:

• University of Bridgeport 
• Wright state university
• Withwirth University
• Northeastern university
• Oregon state university
• Kent state university
• South Dakota state university
• Cleveland state university
• Troy University

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