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Colleges in Canada for International Students

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  • There are fantastic colleges in Canada with comprehensive programs and a vibrant student life.
  • These colleges provide students with innovative research opportunities, hands-on practical experiences and a stress-free atmosphere to study.
  • Before applying for the Canadian colleges, students must learn about the basic requirements that need to be fulfilled.

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Canada has some of the greatest colleges in the world. These colleges build their course content to accommodate both in-class and practical training sessions. It offers one-on-one mentorship, group training, coaching sessions, guest lecturers from partner colleges, in-class activities, lab sessions, research and innovation opportunities, and internships.

International students may be confident that they will be able to apply all of the principles taught in the classroom while pursuing their studies at a Canadian institution. This is feasible if they select the correct institution, and this blog will walk them through the top schools in Canada for foreign students.

Why Study in Canada?

Canada is one of the most favourable study destinations abroad for international students. It houses top-ranked colleges imparting top-notch skills and education. It has a diversified culture, a safe environment, inexpensive education, and low living costs. Other than these, there are numerous other compelling reasons to study in Canada.

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Top Colleges in Canada for International Students

Canada has approximately 250 excellent international colleges that are highly regarded in the QS and Times Higher Education World University Rankings. These colleges provide Indian students with an advanced curriculum and help them acquire the skills they need to shine in the global market.  These institutions compel international students to study in Canada. Top Colleges in Canada are listed below: -

Bow Valley College

Bow Valley College in Calgary, Alberta, is regarded as one of Canada's top 50 research schools. Since 1965, it has educated students and served the requirements of companies in Alberta and across the world. To assist foreign students in feeling more at home, about 700 academics and staff speak more than 50 languages. It serves more than 15,000 learners each year.

No. of Campuses1
Major Courses Offered
  • Business Administration
  • Health Studies
  • Human Resource Management
  • Office administration
  • Special education
Average Tuition Fees (CAD)$13,000- $20,000 (approx.) 

Centennial College

Centennial College is one of Canada's best institutions, with a high educational quality level. It is one of the top schools in Canada for foreign students since it has the largest number of employed graduates who have participated in applied research activities, as well as the Applied Research in Canada medal for student ingenuity in applied research.

No. of Campuses5
Major Courses Offered
  • Business Administration
  • International Business
  • Biotechnology
  • Engineering
  • Network Administration
Average Tuition Fees (CAD)$17,000- $20,000 (approx.) 

Conestoga College

Conestoga College, headquartered in Kitchener, Ontario, roughly two hours west of Toronto, is a well-known and esteemed college among both students and businesses. Established in 1967, it serves around 21,249 students annually from locations throughout Southwestern Ontario. The course curriculum is accredited by Canada's central education agencies. It is ranked among the top ten institutions in Canada because it helps students acquire jobs at some of the world's greatest firms.

No. of Campuses8
Major Courses Offerred
  • Medical Administration
  • Accounting
  • Data Science and data analytics
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Child Education
Average Tuition Fees (CAD)$14,000- $15,000 (approx.) 

Fanshawe College

Fanshawe College in London, Ontario, has been attracting students to its popular post-secondary institution in a mid-sized city since the late 1960s. It provides diploma and postgraduate diploma courses in a variety of subjects, including engineering, aviation, arts, marketing, communications, architecture, technology, and management.

Number of Campuses4
Major Courses Offered
  • Event Management
  • Aviation Management
  • Aerospace Engineering
Average Tuition Fees (CAD)$14,000- $20,000 (approx.) 

George Brown College

George Brown College is one of Canada's finest institutions for international students. It is a fully recognized public college of arts and technology with three campuses in Downtown, Toronto. As an international student, one can benefit from the training and hands-on job experience that George Brown College provides through its practical and theoretical approach to education

No. of Campuses3
Major Courses Offered
  • Information Technology
  • Business Studies
  • Management
  • Finance
  • Accounting
  • Design
Average Tuition FeesCAD 15,000 to CAD 23,000

Georgian College

Georgian College offers the most courses with co-op in Canada. As an international student, one may obtain job experience while being paid for it by enrolling in co-op courses. This guarantees that they have work experience even before completing their degree, which will help them stand out in the employment market.

No. of Campuses7
Major Courses Offered
  • Event Management
  • Aviation Management
  • Architecture
  • Human Resource Management
  • Civil Engineering
Average Tuition Fee (CAD)$14,000- $16,000 (approx.) 

Humber College

Humber College, located in Toronto, Ontario, is the biggest college in Canada. This popular college provides degree, diploma, certificate, apprenticeship, and continuing education programs in a variety of fields, including applied technology and engineering, business, children and youth services, creative arts, emergency services, fashion and beauty, health, hospitality, IT, marketing, media, performing arts, and skilled trades, among others.

Province Ontario
No. of Campuses3
Major Courses Offered
  • Business Administration
  • Public Relations
  • Cognitive Sciences
  • Human Resource Management
  • Business studies
Average Tuition Fees (CAD)$18,000- $24,000 (approx.) 

Lambton College

Lambton College is based in Sarnia, Ontario, but has international student campuses in Mississauga, Toronto, and Ottawa. It is one of the most popular campuses for foreign students studying in Canada. Lambton College, established in 1966 with only 45 students, has a strong history of training students for the real world with practical skills that are in demand. Finance, wireless networking, business management, computer software, and database creation are among the most popular diploma courses.

No. of Campuses4
Major Courses Offered
  • Business Analytics
  • Banking and Insurance
  • Software Engineering
  • Project Management
  • Hospitality Management
Average Tuition Fees (CAD)$17,000- $19,500 (approx.) 

Seneca College

Seneca College, founded in 1967, is one of Canada's major community colleges and a popular choice for international students. Seneca institution of Applied Arts and Technology is a top institution in Canada. It provides over 300 courses throughout diploma, graduate, baccalaureate, and certificate programs. This college is well-known in Canada for its applied research and innovations.

No. of Campuses5
Major Courses Offered
  • Child and Youth Development
  • Criminal Law
  • Health Administration
  • Nursing
  • Behavior Analysis

Average Tuition Fee (CAD)$17,000- $20,000 (approx.) 

Douglas College

Douglas College is one of the top ranked institutions in Canada. It is also the largest institution in Canada that provides diploma degree programs. As an international student, one may benefit from the tutors' personalized attention because the classroom sizes at the institution are modest. The activities conducted promote team work, experimentation, and a rapid learning curve.

Province British Columbia
No. of Campuses2
Major Courses Offered
  • Music
  • Media and Communication Studies
  • Economics
  • Criminology
  • Language Studies
Average Tuition Fees (CAD)$18,000- $20,000 (approx.) 

Eligibility to Study in Canadian Colleges

The entrance criteria in Canada vary greatly depending on the college, program type, and citizenship of the student. The basic requirements for admission to colleges in Canada for an international student are :

Eligibility for Canadian Colleges.webp


Deciding upon the college to study is an essential step that needs to be taken with sheer research and observations. It depends on the student's academic interests, career aspirations and personal preferences. Before making a selection, it is wise to investigate multiple colleges and their program alternatives.

Canadian institutions have a lot to offer potential international students. We hope this list has helped students decide whether top-ranked Canadian colleges are a suitable fit for their academic goals. For more information and assistance in studying abroad, Connect with the study abroad Consultants at Canam.


Centennial College and Seneca College are among Canada's most cheap postgraduate diploma programs.
The average tuition price for diploma, postgraduate diploma, and graduate studies ranges from 10,000 CAD to 25,480 CAD.
There are no tuition-free institutions in Canada, however there are various scholarships available for overseas students to attend Canada's premier colleges.
Canada is home to major IT businesses and is regarded as one of the industry's leaders. As a result, IT and computer science courses are in high demand, with a variety of schools providing them at various levels.
Few of the best colleges in Canada are situated in Toronto, Ontario and British Columbia in Canada.

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