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A Glimpse of Canadian University Classroom

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Canada is one such country thats been allured by a maximum of the international education aspirants. The classroom system in Canadian universities is tremendous and to study in it is once in a lifetime experience for international student. It may be overwhelming for the student entering this system for the first time.

Here is a glimpse of the Canadian university classroom:

  • System of teaching and learning

The system of education here in Canada is more of an application based rather than theory based. The focus here is to improve ones practical skills along with providing theoretical knowledge. The textbook knowledge is not considered the only means to provide information to the students, but teachers also use real-life examples, field research and case studies to explain different concepts. The students will have a better and clear understanding of the topics taught to them by the application based methods. It helps in their overall development. Being technologically advanced, teachers use an online portal to teach and deliver lectures. Students are well equipped with the notes in advance and have access to the solutions to the problems as well as they can contact their professors for any kind of assistance. Online portals have all the information about the syllabi, practicals or the assignments combined. It is a platform that connects a student and a teacher and makes life simpler for a student.

  • Addressing the Professors

In Canada, addressing the teacher or a professor is entirely different from the way it is done in India. Here, students do not call them titles like sir or madam but call them with their names respectfully. This makes the connection between the two, more informal and friendly. A student does not feel hesitant while talking to the teacher.

  • Assignments and Project Work

There isnt any specific kind of assignment or project work that is designed for students; it all depends upon the course, teachers teaching styles, etc. They can range from articles to practice papers to research reports to field experiments or studies. Here, assignments are given more importance than its given in India. They account for the final student grades at the end of the semester. Assignments are not only given individually but are also assigned to a group of students too. Group work inculcates the feeling of teamwork and skills of adjusting and understanding others. It will also help students to meet and connect with fellow mates.

  • Experience Teaching

A graduate student has a privilege to be designated as teaching assistants or research assistants in his department. Teaching assistance includes students spending at least 12 hours in a week for preparation, lecturing or laboratory instructions. Research assistantships are mostly a part of graduate students degree requirements. The responsibilities, work roles, and stipend, depend upon the department and the research project a student is undertaking.

The classroom system in Canada is enriching and lead towards the overall growth of the students.

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