Minimum IELTS Band Scores Accepting Universities in the USA for Masters

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It’s incredibly important to acquire the minimum IELTS band scores to enrol in universities. The minimum score differs from institute to institute, along with the varying courses. Scoring an appropriate grade will not only open the gates for the top universities but also make the student eligible for a scholarship.

The application procedure to study abroad is lengthy, comprising several steps. An integral part of this procedure is the IELTS test. This test is essential to enrol in any university. Otherwise, the institute will straight up reject the student’s application. So, every student must know the minimum IELTS band score requirements in the USA for a Master's. The university will dismiss the application if the minimum requirement is unmet.

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is the most favoured language proficiency test. More than 140 countries and 3400 universities accept this exam.  That’s why students who wish to study abroad need to take this exam. Additionally, they must know the score requirements for a Master’s in the US.

Thus, this blog is for those students who plan to pursue a Master’s in the USA but don’t know the basic IELTS score necessity.

Importance of IELTS in the Master's Application Procedure

The purpose of IELTS in the application procedure is to check how well the student can speak and understand English. This test prepares the students to communicate effectively with native English speakers. That’s why it’s essential to get the minimum IELTS band scores in the USA for a Master's. Some other benefits of preparing this test are:

• A good score will make a pleasant impression on the institute to which the student is applying.
• The IELTS exam will improve students' ability to read, speak, hear, and write, helping them in the long run.
• Moreover, the exam will also analyse if the student can understand the course’s medium of English.
• The minimum IELTS score can also help the student obtain a scholarship.
• Lastly, a good score will boost the applicant’s confidence, which will further help them through the course.

These are some important points why the IELTS exam is essential for the applicant to meet the IELTS requirement for the USA for Master’s.

Top Universities & Minimum IELTS Requirements for master's in USA

The IELTS score requirement differs from course to course. But this section will mention all the top universities and their minimum requirements to enrol in the course for Master’s in the US. The universities are as follows:

UniversitiesMinimum IELTS Score
The University of West Alabama6.5
University of North Alabama5.5
The University of Alabama at Birmingham6.5
Auburn University6.5
Troy University5.5
Faulkner University  6.0
Devry University     6.0
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University   6.0
Arizona State University    6.0
Northern Arizona University  6.5
The University of Arizona    7.0
Arkansas State University6.0

These are some universities, along with their minimum IELTS band scores in the USA for Master’s. There are various other universities as well, but here are a few to get started. Ensure to check the minimum requirement before taking the IELTS exam.

What If Minimum USA IELTS Band Requirements Aren't Met?

In case the students don’t meet the ideal IELTS score, worry not. There are a few things that the students can do. These are as follows:

English Language Preparation ProgramsVarious American universities offer English language preparation programs for international students. These are primarily for those who do not meet the IELTS requirements. In these courses, the students can focus on their reading, writing, speaking, and listening capabilities.
Conditional Admission ProgramsSome universities in the USA also offer conditional programs. In this, students are taken to the university on conditions. These are for students who don’t meet the required IELTS score. So, they must enrol in English language courses alongside.
Seek Other/Community CollegesIf the desired institute of the student requires a higher score, students can try another college. It’s always advisable to apply to two or three institutes at a time instead of applying to just one. Otherwise, students can also try community college. These colleges have fewer requirements and also offer English classes. Moreover, they are cost-friendly and are only two years long.
Take the IELTS Test AgainStudents can also prepare better and retake the test. Many IELTS coaching institutes help students with their LPTs. Canamprep is another source for students to obtain proper guidance about language proficiency tests such as IELTS, TOEFL, and others.

These are some things students can do in case they don’t meet the ideal USA IELTS band requirements. Further, let’s discuss ways to increase the chances of scoring high on IELTS exams.

How to Prepare for the IELTS Exam?

Innumerable options are available for students to prepare for their exams. However, the most reliable and definite way is through Canamprep. With a considerable amount of experience in this field, students can learn a lot. They know the subject that requires the utmost attention and the best teaching methods. Canamprep will work on the weak points with students and ensure they reach their full potential.

So, students can rely on our services and take their IELTS exam with complete confidence. Don’t trust us yet? Book your demo class today and see if our services meet your expectations. They’ll make sure to help students obtain the IELTS requirement for the USA for a Master’s.

What's the Required IELTS Score for the USA Study Visa?

To apply to any institution in the USA, the students need at least 6.5 bands in their IELTS exam. Otherwise, the student will not be accepted into the university. If the student isn’t accepted into the university, the visa will be rejected as well. So, the students need to make sure they have an acceptance letter from any registered institute to apply for the visa.


This blog has covered all the necessary information about the minimum IELTS band scores requirement in the USA for Master’s. Students can also learn the importance of the IELTS exam from this blog. It’s necessary to keep these requirements in mind to get a student visa successfully. For expert assistance, Canam is always there to help students with their study abroad plans.


The minimum IELTS band requirement for most USA universities is 6 or 6.5. So, the students should have at least this much to enrol in any institute. However, there might be some institutes that accept this as well. For instance, community colleges or some other colleges sometimes have fewer requirements.
No, not every university in the USA requires IELTS for their Master’s programs. There are many Language Proficiency tests available that universities accept. Some universities also accept the TOEFL and some other exams as well. Some universities might not even need the LPTs if the last course was taught in English.
Besides the student’s IELTS exam, the grades in the previous degree, academic records, research experience, entrance exams, letters of recommendation, and others. Students need to consider all these factors to apply to a prestigious institute in the USA.
There are various options through which students can obtain a higher score. Students must get coaching from a proper institute. They must take a practice test every day to improve their weak spots. An abundance of preparation material that can help students with their IELTS is available online.
Yes, the 7.0 band score is more than good enough for universities in the USA. Most universities require a minimum score of 6.0 bands to get accepted. However, some institutes might need 7.0 or higher than that for some particular programs.

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