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How to Make it Through Exam Season?

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How to make it through exam season

The season of final exams brings stress, anxiety, and mixed emotions. But if you are feeling any of this, you are not the only one. Many are putting themselves through a tough time by staying up late and drinking bottomless cups of coffee. Avoiding friends or social meetings will not help.

Every coin has two sides. Holidays after exams are so relaxing. Soon you will be able to pamper yourself with sleep, travel, and social gatherings! Holidays are a great motivation. There are simple tips to stay motivated and driven for the exams.

Stay organized

This is the most important tip that we can give. If you’re organized, your stress levels will reduce. Time yourself, make a schedule. Write things down either on a sticky note or a calendar. Make a schedule according to the date of your exams. It is important to write down every minute detail.

If your professor tells you something important related to exams, make sure to note it down. Writing down key details is very important. Plus, it becomes easier to work and study according to your daily schedule when you write things down. Divide a certain amount of study time for each subject. When one subject or topic is over, you can tick it off like you would on a to-do list.

Reward yourself

Give yourself some incentive when one topic or subject is done. Once you finish a decided task, you can reward yourself with a small break! By giving yourself these rewards, you are motivating yourself to keep going. This is a good way of spicing study up as you have something good waiting for you when you finish one task. Pat yourself at the back after completing every task.

Study with friends

Studying with friends can make preparing for exams fun. It can be very helpful discussing course topics with friends as something heard or spoken stays in memory for a comparatively longer than something read. It also helps you remember key points. You learn a lot when discussing with others, perhaps things you didn’t already know.

Moreover, studying with friends keeps you focused. But, be attentive when studying with friends as it may be distracting. This depends entirely on the friends you are studying with. If you discuss what you will be doing after exams rather than studying for the exam, you might consider studying independently.

Sleep, sleep, sleep

Don’t skip to take good care of yourself. By getting a good night’s sleep, you’re allowing your body to refuel for the following morning. If you do not sleep, you will begin to feel weary and irritated, negatively impacting your studies. Let your mind and body rest so they can retain more information. Sleep boosts your productivity levels which is essential to make it through exams.

Exams are inevitable, and you can make them fun and stress-free only if you schedule yourself. Follow the schedule religiously, and you will be good to go.

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