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Academic Transcript Certificate: Meaning, Procedure, and Sample

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An academic transcript certificate usually contains information such as courses completed, grades received, credit hours earned, and any degrees conferred. This certificate is an essential resource for students, academic establishments, and employers to evaluate a student's academic performance and qualifications.

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A transcript certificate serves as an essential supplement to college and university applications and is necessary for students who are looking to apply for higher education or study abroad programs. Knowing how to obtain an academic transcript certificate can be of great help to students in this regard.

Understanding these aspects is essential for students to navigate their academic paths, educators to facilitate learning outcomes, employers to recruit qualified candidates, and institutions to maintain transparency and accountability in their educational processes.

What is an Academic Transcript Certificate?

A transcript certificate is a document that provides evidence for a student's educational credentials. It includes a record of the subjects they studied, the marks they scored in those subjects, and the duration of the courses. Additionally, it contains crucial details like the student's name, the name of the educational institution they attended, and the name of the board of education.

Many students who wish to attend a college or university abroad need to provide a transcript certificate, along with other supporting documents, to the admission committee. This certificate confirms the student's academic qualifications and determines their eligibility for different programs they want to pursue. The certificate shows whether the student has completed an undergraduate or postgraduate program.

Common Names of Academic Transcripts

Academic transcripts, also known as mark sheets in India, refer to a list of documents. Here are some examples of transcripts.

• Academic Certificate
• Report Card
• Academic Record
• Consolidated mark sheet
• University Transcript
• College Transcript
• School Transcript

Difference between Official & Unofficial Transcripts

Below mentioned points clarify the difference between official and unofficial transcripts : 

Official TranscriptUnofficial Transcript
Official transcripts are important documents produced by the registrar's office. They can be obtained by following instructions on the Official Transcript page. Third parties require official transcripts for authenticity and accuracy. Formats include secure .pdf or printed on blue tamper-proof security paper.Current students can view their unofficial transcripts through the Student Information System's self-service option. The transcripts are generated in a landscape format and provide an opportunity for students to review their academic records. 
Official transcripts are issued in portrait format and include the school's seal and the signature of the University Registrar.Unofficial and official transcripts have content differences. Some are specific to certain career levels while others are universal across all careers at the University.

What is a Transcript cover?

In order to keep a record of all the modules/subjects and practical work studied and conducted during a study period, a transcript is necessary. This transcript should include marks or grades, and in some cases, the credit value assigned to each subject, based on the grading system used by the institution.

The following information is mandatory for a transcript

information in a transcript.webp

How to Apply for a Transcript Certificate?

Here are the following steps on how one can apply for a transcript certificate:

Contact the institutionStudents can request their transcript certificate from their previous institution by filling out a request form. Assistance can be provided by the admission office of the institution.
Complete the transcript request formTo request a transcript, student must submit the transcript request form along with the required documents. 

• The application form
• Proof of payment
• Copies of their degree certificates and mark sheets
• Copies of their photo ID and the application's acknowledgement receipt
Submit the academic transcript certificates to institutionsStudents can submit their transcript certificate to their preferred schools or universities. Most institutions only accept official transcripts, so it's important to follow up with them after sending the certificate.

Advantages of Transcript Certificates

A transcript of records has several benefits for students:

School TransferAn important document for students transferring to a new school is their transcript. School administrators review transcripts to determine the eligibility for enrollment and to facilitate the transfer of credits between schools.
Application for the college admissionTranscripts are essential for institutions to determine a candidate's eligibility for college admission by providing a comprehensive academic record, reducing the need to verify multiple disjointed documents, and accelerating the processing of college applications.
PlacementsDuring the interview process, some placement agencies and companies ask students to provide their academic transcripts. This enables the interviewer to review the candidate's academic record and determine their eligibility for the job. It's important for interviewees to obtain their transcripts from their institution as soon as possible to avoid being disqualified from the hiring process.

Transcript Request Letter Guide

Here is a guide to a transcript letter to help students to write their own:

[Student Name]
[Recipient's Name]
Dear Mr. /Ms. [Recipient's name],

I was a student at [name of institution] from [mention period]. It was an honor and a privilege to be a part of this institution owing to the high-quality education I received here. I am writing to request my transcript, which I need to apply for higher education. I aspire to continue my studies at [name of the institution].

As a requirement, the university has asked me to provide a transcript to confirm my eligibility.

I would highly appreciate your consideration.
Yours sincerely,
[Your name]

Beyond the Transcript

Academic transcripts are valuable documents but are only one of the ways to measure students' abilities. Consider supplementing it with other relevant records, such as:

• Letters of recommendation
• Personal Essay
GMAT/GRE score if any 
• Mark sheet
• IELTS or TOEFL Score
• Portfolio of work


An academic transcript certificate is a crucial document that every student needs to showcase while applying for foreign university courses. It serves as a proof that the student meets the educational requirements of the program. If you have any doubts regarding the transcript certificate, connect with Canam consultants.


Mark sheets are provided after each exam, but transcripts include all scores. Although mark sheets are official, they're typically used temporarily or for office purposes like collecting degrees.
An official transcript is a printed form approved by faculty, containing educational history and the university seal.
Academic Transcripts or Transcripts of Records are required to prove completion of education and eligibility for desired programs.
An academic transcript contains all grades, while a degree certificate does not. It is necessary for further studies or employment.          
Most colleges offer various options for ordering transcripts, including online, mail, or in-person via the admissions or registrar's office.

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