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Duolingo Accepted Universities in Canada for International Students

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Canada, renowned for its welcoming environment and world class educational system, has become even more accessible for international students. Many universities accept the Duolingo English Test, an affordable and accessible alternative to traditional tests like TOEFL and IELTS. This blog explores the benefits of DET and provides a list of leading Canadian universities accepting Duolingo, empowering students to explore their study abroad dream.

Duolingo Accepted Universities In Canada.webpWhat is Duolingo English Test (DET)? 

Duolingo English test is an English Language Proficiency test used by universities and colleges around the world to evaluate the English language proficiency of non-native speakers for admissions into their programs. DET is taken on an online mode unlike traditional tests like IELTS and TOFEL contributing to its growing popularity. 

Duolingo Test Rules and Regulations

DET is taken on an online mode, and students can also visit one of the many Duolingo test Centres to attempt the test. Similar to all other proficiency test there are a few strict guidelines the students need to adhere to while appearing for the Duolingo English test: 

Meet the technical requirements: Students need to ensure their device supports DET, has a webcam, microphone and is connected to the internet. 
Prepare for identification: DET requires students to provide a valid identity proof to continue the test. Students are therefore suggested to keep their valid ID’s in handy. 
Be visible: Students need to make sure their web cam is positioned well and they are visible clearly to the camera with uncovered ears to ensure a fair test. 
Avoid looking away from the screen: Minimise head movements and try to look straight at the screen while attempting the test. 
Do not leave the test window: Students must stay at the test window during the entire duration of the test, students are also advised to close all third party software and background apps. 
Manage time: DET takes only about 45 minutes to complete, therefore students need to make sure they are managing their time correctly to avoid missing any questions. 
Be honest and ethical: Follow all rules and regulations honestly.
Relax and focus: Stay calm and focused throughout the test, read all the instructions carefully and try performing the best.

ExamDuolingo English Test (DET) 
Conducted byDuolingo
Exam Duration45 minutes
Exam fee$59 (approx.)
Mode of ExamOnline
Results Declared48 hours (2days) after test submission  

Universities Accepting Duolingo English Test in Canada

There are over a hundred institutes in Canada that accept the Duolingo English Test.

Here is a curated selection of leading universities, their DET requirements, and a glimpse into their unique offerings:

University of Ottawa- Ottawa, Ontario, Canada 

University of OttawaFor regular Undergraduate programs

Overall score : 120
Literacy score : 120

Located in the heart of Canada’s capital city, University of Ottawa is the largest bilingual (English-French) university in the world offering a wide variety of academic programs including Co-Op for the students to pick from. What sets uOttawa apart is their inclusive environment for their international students, welcoming students from over 150 countries from around the world. 

Popular UG programs offered at the University of Ottawa

Below are some popular undergraduate programs that are offered by the University of Ottawa:

• Bachelor of applied science in Computer science engineering
• Bachelor of applied science in Civil Engineering 
• Bachelor of Arts in Communications 
• Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
• Bachelor of Commerce in Finance 

University of Waterloo- Waterloo, Ontario, Canada 

University of WaterlooFor Regular Undergraduate Programs

Overall score : 120
Literacy score : 110
Production score : 110

Founded in 1957 University of Waterloo counts among the top universities in Canada. Home to international students from more 156 countries, University of Waterloo is known for their top class education and experimental curriculum aimed towards making their students ready for the corporate industry.  

Popular UG programs offered at the University of Waterloo

Below is the list of all the popular UG programs that offered by the University of Waterloo

• Bachelor of applied science in Chemical Engineering 
• Bachelor of Arts in English Literature
• Bachelor Of Arts In Honours Arts And Business – Economics
• Bachelor Of Mathematics In Applied Mathematics

University of Alberta- Alberta, Canada

University of AlbertaFor Regular Undergraduate Programs

Overall score : 120 ( With no subscore less than 100 )

University of Alberta boasts a rich history and a vibrant academic community, with students from over 156 diverse countries from around the globe. Spanning five campuses across two bustling cities - Edmonton and Camrose, University of Alberta has earned an international reputation for its exceptional programs across a spectrum of disciplines, including humanities, sciences, creative arts, business, engineering and health sciences.

Popular UG programs offered at the University of Alberta

Below is the list of all the popular programs offered at the University of Alberta

• Bachelor Of Science In Chemical And Physical Sciences
• Bachelor Of Science In Integrative Biology
• Bachelor Of Arts In Criminology
• Bachelor Of Arts In Economics
• Bachelor Of Commerce In Entrepreneurship And Innovation

Lakehead University- Ontario, Canada 

Lakehead University
• For regular UG programs
Overall score : 110

• For Nursing, Juris Doctor and the Two-Year Bachelor of Education Programs 
Overall score : 120
Lakehead University offers students an unparalleled opportunity to contribute to discoveries across diverse disciplines. With over 26 research centers and 11 prestigious Canada Research Chairs including the renowned Paleo-DNA Laboratory to the Biorefining Research Institute. Students at Lakehead have access to advanced facilities and collaborate with renowned researchers, gaining invaluable insights and experience leading them towards successful careers in diverse fields.

Popular UG programs offered at the University of Lakehead

Below is the list of all the popular programs offered at the University of Lakehead

• Bachelor Of Arts In Political Science
• Bachelor Of Arts in History and Philosophy 
• Bachelor Of Arts in Mathematics 
• Bachelor Of Commerce in Accounting 

Note: While the listed universities may accept  application based on meeting minimum requirements, some academic units may require higher scores. Admission is not guaranteed and depends on individual program competitiveness.


The Duolingo English Test (DET) is rapidly gaining recognition and acceptance among universities worldwide. With over 100 universities accepting DET scores, Canada has become more attainable than ever. Connect with Canamprep study abroad experts today and explore more Duolingo accepting universities in Canada and commence the transformative journey of international education.


There are no set eligibility criteria for the Duolingo English test however children below the age of 13 are required parental permission and supervision to take the test. 
The Duolingo test is considered to be easier as it focuses on testing the basic language and vocabulary of the candidates unlike IELTS that tests the in-depth language knowledge of individuals through varied tests. 
Yes, 150+ Canadian universities accept Duolingo English test as an alternative to traditional language proficiency tests like IELTS and TOEFL. 
Duolingo is accepted as the standard English language test by many universities in Canada, therefore students can easily get a student visa with a Duolingo in Canada. 
The Duolingo English test is valid for two years once the result is received matching most of the traditional language tests. 

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