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Which Top Study Abroad Areas is High ROI among the UK, Canada and Australia?

Studying abroad is a dream of almost every student in India. To turn this dream into a reality, one usually has to shed a lot of money, and it is now a sort of investment that students and their families make. Different Study abroad destinations ensure different ROIs for students. This blog will talk about

Why take Study Abroad Counselling?

Studying abroad is a dream of numerous students in India. One of the major challenges that a student faces while planning to study abroad is choosing the right institute and course. After all, a student’s career is highly dependent on the field of Study he chooses and the institution he is studying from. A study

1 Year programs in Canada for International Students

Canada is one of the most preferred study abroad destinations among Indian students. Numerous Students plan to study in Canada after the 12th and after graduation or post-graduation. One of the most arduous tasks before them is to choose the right program that can save their time and money and make them achieve their career goals. The top Colleges and

How Canam Consultants become the Top Study Abroad Consultants in India?

Study abroad consultants – As the name suggests, a study abroad consultancy is an organization that guides students to follow a hassle-free abroad application process and paperwork. A study abroad consultant helps you learn about your preferred course, college, and country and assists you so you make a rewarding career decision. With the increasing number

Studying Abroad: Expectations vs Reality

Studying abroad is a dream of every Indian student, and this can be estimated from the list of Countries with the Most Students Studying Abroad. On the list, India only comes after China. Students before going abroad usually set high expectations, and through this blog, we wish to help our students set realistic expectations and

Can I Work While I’m an International Student?

Working while studying helps students manage their finances effectively and become self-dependent. Students can support their studies and other expenses, such as accommodation, food, travel etc., while they earn. Parents usually work hard and save for their children studying abroad and sometimes get burdened when they fail to provide them with the needed financial support.

Best Destinations to Pursue Engineering Abroad

To pursue engineering abroad is a dream of many students in India. Students understand the wide scope of engineering and its high demand among job employers worldwide. If you are a student with a deep interest in Math and science, you can choose from a number of fields or the main and big four i.e.

Top MBA Courses to Specialize in Abroad

MBA (Master of business administration) is a prestigious postgraduate qualification recognized internationally. It is designed to develop the skills required for careers in business and management. It is very useful to build a managerial career in the public, government, or private sector. Today, there are over 2,500 MBA programs offered worldwide. Most MBA programs include a “core”

Foreign Education and Its Benefits

Growing up many youngsters dream to study abroad—a dream that not only promises great education but also presents global employment opportunities. Overseas education can be the best decision of one’s life. Here’s why: World-Class Education and Research – Education systems in most of the developed nations are focused on inculcating scientific acumen among learners. With

How Can Overseas Study Experience Help You In Your Career?

Are you planning to study abroad? Or are you already there and wondering whether your decision was correct or not? There is no definite answer to this question; nonetheless, students experience life-altering decisions and experiences along. Living away from home is an exciting challenge in itself. The independence one gets is enough to make one