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  • South East Missouri University

Courses Offered

    Art: BFA
    Athletic Training
    Autism Spectrum Disorder Graduate Certificate
    Autism Spectrum Disorder Undergraduate Certificate

    Biology Education
    Biology Education: Unified Science
    Biology: Biomedical Sciences
    Biology: Marine Biology
    Biology: Microbiology, Cellular and Molecular Biology, & Biotechnology
    Biology: Organismal, Ecological, & Evolutionary Biology
    Biology: Pre-Physician Assistant
    Biology: Wildlife and Conservation Biology

    Business Administration
    Business Administration - Online

    Chemistry BA
    Chemistry Education
    Chemistry: ACS Certified
    Chemistry: Biochemistry
    Chemistry: Business
    Chemistry: DNA Analysis
    Chemistry: Forensic Chemistry Option
    Chemistry: Forensic Science

    Child Care & Guidance

    Commercial Multimedia: Computer Multimedia Graphics
    Commercial Multimedia: Photography
    Communication Disorders
    Communication Studies

    Computer Information Systems
    Computer Science
    Computer Technology: Automated Manufacturing
    Computer Technology: Microcomputer Systems
    Computer Technology: Technical Computer Graphics

    Corporate Communication

    Criminal Justice
    Criminal Justice Online


    Dance (BA)
    Dance (BFA)

    Early Childhood Education

    Economics: Business
    Economics: Financial

    Elementary Education
    Elementary Education / Middle School Language Arts
    Elementary Education / Middle School Math
    Elementary Education / Middle School Science
    Elementary Education / Middle School Social Science

    Emergency Preparedness

    Engineering Physics: Computer Applications
    Engineering Physics: Electrical Applications
    Engineering Physics: Mechanical Applications
    Engineering Technology: Electrical and Control
    Engineering Technology: Mechanical/Manufacturing Systems
    Engineering: Industrial & Systems

    English Education
    English: Literature


    Environmental Science: Biology
    Environmental Science: Business
    Environmental Science: Chemistry
    Environmental Science: Geoprocessing & Soils
    Environmental Science: Health
    Environmental Science: Policy & Communication

    Exceptional Child/Early Childhood Special Education
    Exceptional Child/Mild Moderate Cross Categorical

    Family and Consumer Science Education


    General Studies
    General Studies - Online

    Geographic Information Science

    German Education

    Global Cultures & Languages: Anthropology
    Global Cultures & Languages: Foreign Language
    Global Cultures & Languages: Global Studies
    Graduate Certificate in Healthcare Management
    Graduate Certificate in Healthcare Management - Administration
    Graduate Certificate in Healthcare Management - Communication
    Graduate Certificate in Healthcare Management - Informatics
    Graduate Certificate in Healthcare Management - Quality and Patient Safety
    Graduate Certificate in Special Reading K-12 Licensure

    Health Communication
    Health Management: Exercise Science
    Health Management: Health Promotion
    Health Sciences: General Health Sciences
    Health Sciences: Pre-Physical/Occupational Therapy
    Healthcare Administration
    Healthcare Administration - Online
    Healthcare Facilities Operations Certificate
    Healthcare Management - Online
    Healthcare Management: Informatics
    Healthcare Management: Informatics - Online
    Healthcare Management: Quality & Patient Safety
    Healthcare Management: Quality & Patient Safety - Online

    Historic Preservation

    Hospitality Management

    Human Environmental Studies: Child Development
    Human Environmental Studies: Dietetics
    Human Environmental Studies: Family Studies
    Human Environmental Studies: Family Studies Option (Online)
    Human Environmental Studies: Fashion and Consumer Studies
    Human Environmental Studies: Interior Design

    Industrial Distribution
    Interdisciplinary Studies
    Interdisciplinary Studies - Online
    International Business

    MA Communication Disorders
    MA Elementary Administration Online
    MA Elementary Education
    MA Elementary Education - Early Childhood
    MA Elementary Education - Math Specialist
    MA Elementary Education - Math/Science
    MA Elementary Education - Reading
    MA English: English Studies
    MA English: Professional Writing
    MA Exceptional Child - Autism
    MA Exceptional Child - Early Childhood Special Education
    MA Exceptional Child - Mild/Moderate Cross Categorical
    MA Higher Education Administration
    MA History
    MA Industrial & Organizational Psychology
    MA Mental Health Counseling
    MA Public History
    MA School Counseling
    MA Secondary Administration Online
    MA Secondary Education
    MA Teacher Leadership
    MA Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)
    MA Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages Online (TESOL)
    MA in Applied Behavior Analysis

    MAT Exceptional Child - Early Childhood Special Education
    MAT Exceptional Child - Mild/Moderate Cross Categorical

    MBA Accounting
    MBA Entrepreneurship
    MBA Environmental Management
    MBA Financial Management
    MBA General Management
    MBA General Management Online
    MBA Health Administration
    MBA Health Administration
    MBA Industrial Management
    MBA International Business
    MBA Sport Management Online

    MNS Biology
    MNS Chemistry
    MNS Mathematics

    MS Applied Computer Science
    MS Applied Computer Science Online
    MS Criminal Justice
    MS Criminal Justice Online
    MS Cybersecurity
    MS Environmental Science
    MS Healthcare Management Online
    MS Management
    MS Management Online
    MS Nutrition and Exercise Science
    MS Technology Management
    MS Technology Management Online

    MSN Nursing

    Management: Entrepreneurship Option
    Management: Human Resources Management
    Management: Management Option
    Marketing: Integrated Marketing Communications
    Marketing: Marketing Management
    Marketing: Sales Management

    Mass Communication: Advertising
    Mass Communication: Multimedia Journalism
    Mass Communication: Public Relations
    Mass Communication: TV & Film Option

    Master of Arts in Teaching - STEM
    Master of Public Administration
    Master of Public Administration Online

    Mathematics Education
    Mathematics: Actuarial Science
    Mathematics: Applied Mathematics & Statistics Option
    Mathematics: Pure Mathematics

    Medical Lab Science

    Middle School Education: Language Arts
    Middle School Education: Math
    Middle School Education: Science
    Middle School Education: Social Studies
    Middle School Language and Arts - Poplar Bluff
    Middle School Science

    Music Education: Instrumental
    Music Education: Vocal Option
    Music: Composition Option
    Music: Instrumental Performance
    Music: Vocal Performance

    Nursing RN-BSN - Online

    Painting (Art: BFA)


    Physical Education

    Physics Education
    Physics Education: Unified Science

    Political Science BA
    Political Science BS
    Pre-Occupational Therapy
    Pre-Physical Therapy
    Pre-Veterinary Medicine

    Printmaking (Art: BFA)

    Psychology (BA Online)
    Psychology BS

    Public Health: Biology
    Public Health: Health Policy & Management
    Public Health: Information
    Public Health: Nutrition
    Public Health: Social/Behavioral

    Recreation and Park Administration

    School Psychological Examiner Certificate

    Sculpture (Art: BFA)

    Social Science
    Social Science Online
    Social Studies Education
    Social Work

    Spanish Education

    Specialist in Counseling (Ed.S.)
    Specialist in Educational Administration
    Specialist in Teacher Leadership (Ed.S.)

    Sport Management

    Teaching Assistant Prep - Elementary/Special
    Teaching Assistant Prep - Middle/Secondary

    Technology & Engineering Education
    Technology Management Online
    Technology Management: Computer Network Systems Administration
    Technology Management: Construction Management and Design
    Technology Management: Facilities Management & Sustainability
    Technology Management: Industrial & Safety Management
    Technology Management: Sustainable Energy Systems Management
    Technology Management: Technology Management

    Theatre: Acting
    Theatre: Design & Technology
    Theatre: Musical Theatre

    Unmanned Aircraft Systems

    Writing: Professional
    Writing: Creative

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