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USA Student Visa Guidance

As far as studying abroad is concerned, the United States of America tops the list of the most popular destinations worldwide. If you are planning to study in the US and dream to extend your academic exposure, you will need a USA Student Visa.
Whilst this is a vital step in the studying abroad application process, it need not be confusing. The visa, however, can also be one of the most daunting aspects of the preparations. It is one aspect with which you will seek guidance. The details below will take you through each step of applying and securing a student visa for studying in America.

Basic Requirements

A student wishing to study in the USA must satisfy an officer on certain grounds like:

  • Intentions to enter USA are for educational purposes only.
  • Having enough funds to fulfill tuition fee requirements, to maintain themselves and stay in USA.
  • Will leave USA as authorized.
  • Will not breach the conditions of admission (for example: the student will not work without prior authorization or waiver).

For international students, approaching a visa officer in embassy will seem like an intimidating experience. And, it will surely become a catastrophe if you are not prepared to answer the following common questions expected during the visa interview

  • Universities you have got admitted to?
  • The number of universities did you apply to?
  • Why do you want to study in the USA?
  • The reason for selecting the particular university?
  • What is your GPA percentage?
  • Have you been to the United States before?
  • Future plans after program completion?
  • Any scholarships?
  • Financial support for the abroad studies?
  • Do you have any relatives in the USA?

Consolidated few points or list to remember

  • Complete the Student Application form
  • Provide bank draft for the applicable visa processing fees
  • TOEFL/ IELTS score sheet
  • Offer letter from university/college
  • Visa Application form
  • Documents for academic and work experience
  • Valid passport
  • Proficiency in English
  • Proof of SEVIS I-901 fee payment
  • Medical reports
  • Adequate knowledge of English
  • Financial Ability
  • Passport size color photograph
  • Possesses Good Character Attributes
  • Overseas Student Health Cover
  • Bank statements, Pay slips etc
  • The letter of acceptance from the University
  • Evidence of sponsorship

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