Spring (January) 2024 Intake in the USA - Timeline, Universities & Admission Requirements

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As one of the leading educational countries across the globe, the US is every student’s dream destination. Learn more about the 2024 Spring/January Intake, the top US universities and programs, the application process, timeline, deadlines, visa requirements and scholarships.

The United States is home to some of the world’s top universities and colleges. Aside from this, it is known for its dynamic educational programs and its on-campus cultural diversity. The Spring (January) Intake in the USA is a wonderful opportunity for students who might have taken a gap or missed the deadlines for the Fall intake.

The following blog offers a comprehensive and thorough guide for the 2024 January Intake in the US. Keep reading to get more information about the Spring Intake, the top US universities and programs, the application process and more.

Intakes Available in the USA

There are three intake periods in American universities, namely Spring, Fall and Summer. In order to choose the suitable intake it is beneficial to understand how these intakes differ from one another. The following table includes some of the key points of difference between the same.

January IntakeSeptember Intake

Also Known As
Spring IntakeFall Intake

Type of Intake
Secondary IntakePrimary Intake

Acceptance Rate
Higher acceptance rate given lesser flow of applicationsHighly competitive given the fact that this period receives maximum number of applications

Financial Aid/Scholarships Availability

What is the Spring Intake?

Spring intake in the United States happens in the month of January. During this time, new students join their universities during the second half of the academic year. This pool of students arrives as a part of the secondary intake. As a result, they graduate a semester after their peers who joined in September. Classes begin in January and end in April.

Why choose Spring Intake?

Before sending in applications, it is helpful to consider the main benefits of applying to the January Intake. Mentioned below are some reasons why numerous students apply to study in the spring intake:
1.Lesser Competition: There is lesser competition compared to other intakes since the biggest flow of applications happens in the previous season, i.e. fall. As a result, acceptance rates in spring are higher.
2.Preparation Time: Applying to the Spring Intake gives students time to prepare for English proficiency and standardized tests after graduating from high school such as IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, GMAT, GRE etc.
3.Start Studies Sooner: Indian students can attend university without having to wait for a whole academic year if they opt for the January Intake.
4.Missed Fall Intake: Students who missed the fall intake also use this opportunity to submit their applications.

Myths on Spring Intake

Despite these benefits, several myths are associated with Spring Intake in the US. Some of them are enlisted below.
Fewer Courses: It is widely believed that universities don’t offer as many courses as they do in the Fall. However, in reality, syllabuses and curriculums are pre-divided for each semester.
Fewer Opportunities: Students think they might have lesser access to co-scholastic or scholastic opportunities after joining in the middle of an academic year. Yet this is entirely based on their performance and contacts in their respective departments.
Fewer Scholarships: It is a misconception that lesser scholarships and financial aid are offered during the January Intake. In fact, this is dependent on the funding available to the departments.
Visa Problems: Students worry that acquiring a student visa is harder in the Spring Intake. However, visas are approved on the basis of university acceptances and finances, not the intake period.

Top US Universities and Programs Offering Spring Intake in 2024

Following are some of the top American universities that offer Spring intake, along with the top bachelor’s and master’s programs they offer.
Top Bachelor’s Programs
Top Master’s Programs
Arizona State University
Bachelor of Arts in Business
BS in Biology
BS in Mechanical Engineering
BS in Computer Science
BS in Data Science
Ms in Computer Science
Ms in Data Science
MS in Information Technology
MS in Business Analytics
MS in Mechanical Engineering
Northeastern University
Limited Bachelor's Programs offered in Spring
MPS in Analytics
MS in Business Analytics
MS in Biotechnology
Ms in Project Management
MS in Regulatory Affairs
Ms in Human Resource Management
INTO Saint Louis University
Limited Bachelor's Programs offered in Spring
Ms in Computer Science
MA in Public Health
INTO University of Alabama at Birmingham
BS in Computer Science
MS in Computer Science
MS in Civil Engineering
Master in Public Administration
MS in Biotechnology
MS in Data Science
MS in Electrical and Computer Engineering
DePaul University
BS in Business Administration
Ms in Data Science
Ms in Computer Science
MS in Software Engineering
Ms in Supply Chain Management
MS in Psychology
Ms in Business Analytics
Cleveland State University
BS in Computer Science
Ms in Software Engineering
Ms in Computer Science
Master in Information System
MS in Civil Engineering
MS in Mechanical Engineering
Kent State University
BS in Computer Science
BS in Biotechnology
MS in Data Science
Master in Education in School Counseling
Ms in Computer Science
Ms in Business Analytics
Ms in Biomedical Sciences
George Mason University
BS in Computational Sciences
BS in Mechanical Engineering
Ms in Data Analytics
Ms in Electronic Engineering
Ms in Computer Science
Florida Atlantic University
BS in Computer Science
Ms in Computer Science
Ms in Civil Engineering
Ms in Data Science
Ms in Electric Engineering
Ms in Artificial intelligence

Application Process for January Intake in US Universities 2024

An overview of the timeline and what actions need to be taken by students for the 2024 US intake have been given in the table below.
Application Process
Shortlist Universities and Colleges
February to March 2023
Shortlist suitable colleges and universities based on
Prepare for and Attempt Entrance Tests
April to June 2023
Attempt English proficiency and standardized tests like IELTS, SAT, GMAT, GRE, PTE, TOEFL etc.
Apply to Shortlisted Universities
July to August 2023
Submit application forms with
Academic resume
Proof of English language proficiency
Test scores
Letters of recommendation (LOR)
Statement of purpose (SOP)
Acceptance Letters Arrive
September to October 2023
Receive and respond to acceptance letters
Apply for Scholarships
November to December 2023
Apply for financial aid if required, look up scholarships and apply for US student visa (F1 Student Visa)
Session Begins
January 2024
Prepare for the session commencement.
Keep in mind this is the recommended timeline that students should follow. Deadlines vary not only from university to university but from course to course as well.

Visa Requirements for US Study Visa (F1 Visa) 2024

Mentioned below are all the documents required to apply for the F1 Visa:
Valid passport
Visa application form (DS-160)
Passport-size photographs
Application fee-payment receipt
CNIC (Includes birth certificate and national identity card)
I-20 form (Issued by the university)
SEVP application and SEVIS fee receipt
Statement of purpose for US Student visa
Transcripts, diplomas, degrees, or certificates from school
Declaration of intent to depart upon completion of the course of study
English language proficiency certificate
Bank statement
Immigration medical examination
Polio and Corona Vaccination certificates

Scholarships for International Students in USA 2024

There are various types of scholarships and forms of financial aid available for international students in the US. These include:
1.Merit-based Scholarships
 a.Academic Scholarships
 b.Sports Scholarships
2.Need-based Scholarships
3.Country-based Scholarships
4.University Scholarships
5.Government-funded Scholarships

Undoubtedly, the US is an excellent study-abroad destination that enriches a student’s life in terms of academics as well as lived experiences. To learn more about the application process visit the nearest Canam office or log onto Canam's official website.


Academic institutes in the USA accept admissions for three intakes. While the duration for the Fall intake is from September to December, the Spring intake months are from January to May.

American universities offer three intakes: Fall, Spring, and Summer intakes respectively.

Students planning to study in the US in 2024 should start and wrap up their application process between the months of July and August 2023.

Most American institutes offer scholarships during the Spring intake. However, it often varies from university to university based on the availability of funding.

Since most students apply for the Fall intake, getting accepted is relatively harder than other intakes. Thus, students prefer to apply in the Spring semester.

●Computer Science
●Information Technology
●Software Engineering
●Data Science
●Business Studies
●Management Information System

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