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USA Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When should a Student apply?

  • As soon as the I-20 from the University has been received, the student can start with the visa process.
  • The student can take a visa date 120 days before the program start date on Form I-20, not more than that.
  • A student can only enter the USA 30 days before the program date, not before that.

Q. What is the eligibility for USA Students Visa

  • Student should have a valid I–20 from the Educational Institution from USA.
  • SEVIS payment.
  • Academic or Admission tests like TOEFL, GMAT, etc are recommended but not compulsory.
  • Students who have sufficient funds for the duration of the course. 1st years’ funds in liquid assets.

Q. How do I read and understand my visa?

As soon as you receive your visa, make sure your information printed on the visa is correct. If any of the information on your visa does not match with your passport information or is inaccurate, you need to contact the nonimmigrant visa section at the embassy or consulate that issued your visa.

Q. Is it possible to change my university/school once I reach USA?

Once you have reached in the US, you are governed by the US Citizenship and Immigration Services rules. Accordingly, you must complete a year in the same institution, in case of changing it. Better is, to make your choice carefully, and avoid troubles later.

Q. In case I don’t have sufficient funds, can a bank loan help?

  • The US consular will have to be convinced about how you will repay the loan.
  • If huge loans are shown, getting a visa can become difficult. It is preferable to have a smaller loan.

Q. Do visas for students get rejected if the applicants have brothers and sisters in America?

This cannot be the main reason. Based on the individual case, the reasons of rejection will be decided.



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