US Universities Accepting Backlogs

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Explore the best US universities to study without worrying about backlogs. One’s dream to study in the US cannot be broken just because of a backlog. The US is known as the land of opportunities, allowing students to experience advanced learning approaches while living in beautiful cities. Several US universities grant admission to students with backlogs. Read this blog to learn about US universities accepting backlogs.

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Studying in the USA is the dream for several international students. US universities are popular for their high-quality education, cutting-edge technology, lively campuses, and a plethora of career opportunities. Many aspects are important to keep in mind while applying to a US university, such as backlogs, academic scores, and language proficiency exams. Backlogs may affect students’ profiles to get admission to their dream university in the USA. However, many universities in the USA accept backlogs and give a warm welcome to international students. 

This blog sheds light on the US universities accepting backlogs for the better future of students. In addition, it discusses backlogs, factors affecting the decision of acceptance, backlog acceptance, tips to strengthen students’ profiles if they have backlogs and much more!

What are Backlogs and Backlog Certificates? 

A backlog is an incomplete project or task. However, in academic context, it refers to an unclear exam. For example, if a student fails an exam in the first attempt, they must retake it to pass. An unclear exam results in a backlog. In case of absenteeism, the exam is marked as absent. However, students must pass the examination. 

After evaluating the applicant’s academic documents, the US universities may ask applicants to provide backlog certificates or zero backlog certificates. Backlog certificate is a documents that a college provides to its students listing all active and inactive backlogs in any subject. 

Candidates who fail to appear for an examination due to illness or other reasons are also considered to have a backlog. Backlogs do not indicate the end of education.  Universities generally prefer students with no backlogs; however, several US universities accept students with backlogs. Multiple backlogs of an applicant can at times complicate the admission process to study in the USA.

List of US Universities Accepting Backlogs

Students often have a misconception that having a backlog is the end of their career; which is actually not true. Though a majority of universities in the USA prefer students without backlogs, there are many universities that allow students with backlogs to fulfil their dream of studying in the US. 

Students can feel more at ease knowing that several US universities are accepting backlogs from previous exams.  The table below includes a list of universities, which are divided into categories based on the number of backlogs accepted.

CategoriesName of the Universities
1-5 Backlogs• Kent State University, Ohio 
• Marist College, New York 
5-10 Backlogs

• Pace University, New York 
• California State University, San Bernardino 
• University of South Dakota, Vermillion 
• Clark University, Massachusetts 

10-15 BacklogsGolden Gate University, California 
• Rowan University, New Jersey 
• Pittsburg State University, Kansas 

To know more about US universities accepting backlogs from previous exams, connect with experts at Canam.

Factors Affecting the Acceptance of Backlogs in the USA

There are many important factors that influence a student's backlog acceptance. Factors such as overall GPA/CGPA, subjects of backlogs, repeated backlogs, and backlog status may influence the rate of acceptance of one's backlogs at the desired university. The table below lists and describes the factors that influence backlog acceptance.

Factors affecting backlog acceptance.webp

Factors affecting the acceptance rate of backlogsDescription
Overall GPA/CGPAOne of the most important factor is having a high academic GPA or CGPA. A high GPA/CGPA in academics is one of the most important criteria. This is especially important for students applying to US universities with backlogs. A low GPA/CGPA can significantly reduce the chances of admission. As a result, students with high GPAs/CGPAs with backlogs can get admission to US universities
Number and subject of backlogsBacklogs in subjects that are not directly related to one's desired courses do not jeopardize one's admission; however, if the majority of the course is related to one's backlog subject, it may have an impact in the enrolment process. 
Repeated backlogsRepeated backlogs highlight the time spent clearing backlogs. Time is precious, especially for students who want to build a successful career. For example, if an applicant has a higher number of repeated attempts in a backlog, the chances of rejection increase. In contrast, if an applicant has cleared backlogs in a few attempts, the chances of their application being accepted are high. 
Backlog statusReputable universities in the United States, which are highly ranked internationally, will not accept students with an active backlog status. As a result, one must submit a backlog certificate indicating that all the backlog are inactive. 

Does US Visa get affected by Backlogs?

Backlogs do not affect one's chances of getting a US visa. The F-1 visa is granted based on the genuineness of international students and allows them to immigrate for study after receiving an acceptance letter. International students can check the above-mentioned list of universities offering admission with backlogs. For more information about the effects of backlogs, students can connect to the counsellors at Canam to get expert advice and start their academic journey in the US. 

How do applicants strengthen their profile if they have backlogs? 

It is perfectly fine to have backlogs in the previous exams. However, the applicants must justify it to the university's enrolment committees. If an applicant has a backlog, they must consider the following tips to strengthen their profile. 

Tips to strengthen backlog profile.webp

• Maintain a strong student profile and shift the focus to extracurricular activities. 
• Highlight the genuine reason and passion for selecting the course in the statement of purpose.
• Explain the backlogs honestly, along with the applicant’s experience during the period. 
• Prepare to take the standardized admissions test. 


Applicants backlogs does not affect visa processing as long as the university accepts the application and grants confirmed admission. Several US universities grant admission to genuine students who justify their backlog. To avoid the chances of backlog, students should consider above mentioned tips to strengthen their profile. Connect with the experts at Canam to get detailed advice throughout the process. 


Yes, SOP stands for Statement of Purpose, which is used to justify the purpose of a study abroad visit. Providing genuine information improves the chances of visa acceptance. 
No, backlogs are not mentioned on mark sheets. Backlogs can be found in academic years with gaps. The applicant can request their university to issue a backlog certificate. 
Most universities in the United States do not accept students with active backlogs. The number of attempts to complete a backlog, active backlogs, and inactive backlogs are all documented in a Backlog Certificate, which every student must submit. 
Students with a backlog in their previous exam as of the date of application submission are ineligible for scholarships in the United States. However, students who complete their backlogs before the application deadline are eligible to apply for scholarships in the United States.
Candidates can apply for admission to their preferred university with active backlogs. If accepted, the university will give them a conditional offer letter with a condition that they must clear all their backlogs before the commencement of the course. 

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