STEM Courses in the USA

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STEM courses in the USA

The programs related to Science are filled with many career opportunities for those looking forward to pursuing a career in it. One can explore a range of career paths in both the public and private sectors worldwide. When it comes to majoring in Science and Technology, there are many such opportunities while studying in the USA.

STEM is a course that covers four major courses offered in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. If you wish to pursue STEM courses in the USA, this blog will help you discover the different aspects of such courses.

What is STEM

STEM courses refer to various degrees that come under Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Various universities globally have started including STEM courses in their curriculum to invite international students every year. The focus of these courses is to shape young minds and increase the ratio of females studying tech-oriented courses by giving them a platform to explore their interest and potential in the field of Science.

Career opportunities related to STEM courses are known to be amongst the most popular and lucrative fields. The USA has been a global dominator in these areas. To sustain this leading position in this global economy, American universities are implementing such technical programs in their academic curriculum. The STEM courses in the USA form the basic foundation of scientific and technological innovations, which can help in improving the quality of life.

Benefits of STEM Courses in the USA

There are a number of reasons why international students prefer to study STEM in the USA over other countries. A few of the reasons are:

  1. International Students at STEM universities or institutions in America never experience boredom because there are many extracurricular activities available to them. While pursuing their higher education, they can participate in sports, attend lectures, attend concerts, and many other activities.
  • The culture of America encourages students to be open-minded, which is an essential tool when trying to come up with a different solution to a problem. When studying in the USA, not only international students learn about the culture of the country but also the natives.
  • The Silicon Valley of the United States, California, is one of the primary reasons for International students' desire to study STEM courses in the USA. It works as the country's technological centre. The nation has unrestricted access to the businesses developing cutting-edge technologies, and students profit from these businesses a lot.
  • Many cultures coexist peacefully in the United States of America. Due to the enormous number of international students who work or study in the United States, International students never feel that they are away from home.

List of STEM Courses in USA

Aeronautical or Aerospace
Behavioral Sciences
Forensic Chemistry 
Petroleum Technology
Military Applied Science 
Horticulture Science
Computer and Information Science
Chemical Engineering
Human Biology 
Mining Technology
Molecular Biology 
Agricultural Engineering
Animal Science
Food science
Civil Engineering
Computer Programming 
Plant science
Environmental studies


The eligibility criteria depend on the university, and the course one chooses. The requirements like a USA student visa, English proficiency score and academic qualification are to be fulfilled by every applicant. The eligibility for STEM courses in the USA:

  • One must have a 3- 4 year bachelor degree in the field of STEM
  • One must have acquired F-1 USA student visa status
  • One has to submit all the mandatory documents
  • One should check if they are eligible for STEM OPT
  • GRE/GMAT scores are required along with English proficiency tests like IELTS, PTE, TOEFL

Documents Required

The list of important documents required at the time of submitting your application for STEM courses in the USA is as follows.

  • CV/ Resume
  • Official academic transcripts
  • Letter of Recommendation
  • English language proficiency test scores
  • Scanned copy of passport
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Two Reference Letters
  • Students applying for post-graduation have to submit a translation of the degree certificate if the degree certificate is in another language other than English.

One-year STEM Courses in the USA

The country has some of the best universities for STEM. Some universities are extremely popular for their one-year STEM specializations in fields like Architectural Engineering, Astronomy, Biochemistry, Biomedical Technology, Behavioral Sciences, Botany, Computer Science, Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, and more.

We hope this blog has covered all the important key points related to STEM courses in the USA. If you're planning to take up higher studies in the USA and need guidance regarding choosing the right universities and courses, then get in touch with our experts at Canam and we will help you out.

For some Frequently asked questions related to studying in the USA, click HERE.

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