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Reasons Why to Consider Studying in France

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Art and culture are among the most attractive factors that make France a wonderful choice as a study destination. The Eiffel Tower, Notre-Dame cathedral, Arc de Triomphe, and Cte d'Azur (French Riviera), top the list when we mention about France.

When you decide France to be your study destination, you may be thinking of having your coffee time with the intellectuals in the local cafes of Paris discussing the heritage and global culture.

These are just the initial things that are inviting about France. Much of it discussed in this write-up regarding reasons why to consider studying in France apart from catching the view of Mona Lisa painting.

The Education System

Mostly the French Universities offer excellence in education. They are known for producing famous artists and people associated with civil services, industry leaders, engineers, physicists, etc. The cost of education is less around Euro 200 annually for undergraduate and Euro 250 for masters courses. Germany may charge more, while in England one has to spend some Euro 5,000-10,000.

With more than a hundred universities, France gives equal opportunities for education. Students can avail of subsidized rates in books, food, traveling, and accommodation. Students who are from low-income backgrounds get special grants for higher education.

Liberal education

France was the first of the nations to separate education from religion. They are practicing secularism with open-minded culture. They dont indulge religion with education, and neither associates it with those who preach religion. Only a tiny population identifies them as Catholic. Others are believers of secularism like the rest of Europe. Thus the unbiased religion makes a firm foundation for higher education in France.

The French Way of living

French are not concerned about what you are as a person or what your profession is. They are more interested in knowing your interests, such as what books you read, the places you will like to visit, and your hobbies. French are passionate about life, and they can turn a coffee desire to an exquisite search for the best in the city. They are amicable and welcoming, lively too. You will get many people from different nations in France who have adapted well in the country and enjoy their time studying and getting around.

Cultural hub

French cuisine is in most of the restaurants' menus. Their cooking involves care and is highly refined. They make use of locally grown food items for their dishes and prepare them with attention to detail. French food is loved throughout the world.

Another famous thing about France is its historical museums, and caves which are cared for by the government. For the promotion of cultures such as theatre and paintings, the French government aids its artists.

Language and people

Spoken in many countries such as Canada, Belgium, and Switzerland, there is always a craze for people looking to learn French. About 230 million people speak it in the world. It is poetic easy to learn. Most of the French literature is intriguing, which people many people want to read. Therefore when in France communicate with as many natives as you can and soon you will be speaking French as reading is not hard for it is in the Roman script. When you have learned some basic French, you will communicate with the people around and see yourself that its a nation respecting and welcoming all for education and exploration.

The cosmopolitan culture

Being a republic nation, you will see students from many countries studying in France. Inexpensive education makes France a popular among students. Not only that, but the French industries have hired students at excellent packages due to partnerships with universities on many subjects of research.

Nature and landscapes

France is a beautiful country with famous landscapes and rivers such as Seine and Rhone. The Alps and Mont Blanc are famous among the students and people all around as a tourist destination.

The cultures, food, architect, and old tradition of France makes it an enthusiastic study abroad destination. You can contact Canam for guidance regarding your plans to study in France.

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