M. Arch in USA for Indian Students: Universities, Colleges, Admission Requirements, Scholarships, Jobs

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The blog talks about the course of M. Arch in USA. It also discusses the best universities to study the course, why study this course particularly in USA, admission requirements, scholarships and job opportunities after completing the course.

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M. Arch in USA is a 2-3 year’s full time program wherein students learn architectural subjects and develop various skills required to work as an Architect anywhere across the world. The National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB) of the USA gives the ‘Architect License’ to students. These students can work as Architects internationally after receiving the license to practice as an architect.

M Arch in USA: Best Universities or Colleges to study

The top universities or colleges to study M. Arch in USA have been enlisted below:

University NameProgram Name
New York Institute of Technology - New York City Campus
  • Master of Science in Architecture - Computational Technologies
  • Master of Science in Architecture - Health and Design
  • Master of Architecture (STEM)
  • Master of Science in Architecture - Urban and Regional Design (STEM)
University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee
  • Master of Architecture (STEM)
  • Master of Architecture in Ecological Design (STEM)
  • Master of Science in Architecture (STEM)
South Dakota State University
  • Master of Arts in Architecture
Kaplan Group - Arizona State University - Tempe Campus
  • Master of Architecture (2-year)(STEM)
  • Master of Interior Architecture
  • Master of Architecture (3-year)(STEM)
  • Master of Interior Architecture (3-plus program)
  • Master of Landscape Architecture (3-year program)(STEM)
INTO Group - University of Massachusetts Amherst
  • Master of Architecture (STEM)
  • Master of Architecture (STEM)

Why study M. Arch in USA?

There are several reasons that a student should consider studying M. Arch in USA. Some of these have been listed below:

  • Best universities in the world: The USA has one of the top ranked universities in the world. M. Arch students from India are definitely going to get employment upon completion of their architecture degree form QS ranked universities. Majority of these universities and colleges have very strong reputations in academic circles.
  • Variety of Programs: The architectural institutes in USA offer a variety of academic programs ranging from a Ph.D. to M. Arch to international students.
  • Diverse Course Curriculum: The course curriculum for architectural programs in USA offer a very diverse curriculum that includes subjects teaching visual arts, design etc. These programs offer a course structure that will enable students to go through, test and apply principles to field of architecture.

M. Arch in USA: Admission Requirements

A student from India who wishes to study M. Arch course in USA will need to fulfill certain qualifying requirements. Though these requirements may vary from institute to institute, but there are certain common requirements as follows:

  • A degree of B. Arch or equivalent
  • GRE (Optional – depends upon university)
  • Language Proficiency Tests – IELTS, TOEFL

M. Arch in USA: Scholarships

Scholarships for pursuing an M. Arch in USA can assist students in covering their costs like tuition fee, living costs, medical expenses, costs for books, travel costs etc. Let’s look at some of the available scholarships to study M. Arch in USA:

Scholarship NameEligibility
Fulbright Foreign Student ProgramInternational students pursuing degree in USA
Go Clean ScholarshipInternational students studying PG degrees in the institutions of the United States,
BrokerFish International student scholarshipThis scholarship is provided by partner universities.
Aga Khan ScholarshipPostgraduate applicants from developing nations
ASLA Student AwardStudents studying landscape architecture

M. Arch in USA: Job Opportunities

The career options available to students after graduating from architectural institutes and studying these courses are in plenty. Salary of an architect will vary depending upon the skills they have acquired, professional experience and educational background etc. Considering job options in USA, a student will be fortunate as there are several job roles available for architects in USA. An M. Arch Indian student in USA can look for jobs in following work profiles:

•Intern Architect
•Interior Designer
•Senior Project Architect
•Architectural Associate
•Assistant Professor in Architect

M. Arch in USA: Final Thoughts

A student from India considering to pursue an M. Arch in USA has several top universities to choose from. After graduating from an architectural institute in USA Indian students can look forward to work in a number of job profiles.


The following requirements must be fulfilled by a student who wishes to enroll in M. Arch course in USA:
•A B. Arch or equivalent
•English Language Proficiency Tests like IELTS, TOEFL
•GRE/GMAT test results
Students who wish to enroll in M. Arch in universities abroad may have to sit for GRE test (dependent on country) and/or an English proficiency test results like IELTS, TOEFL etc.
It is not advisable to enroll in an M. Arch directly if you have just graduated with a B. Arch degree. It is not that you will not be able to enroll but it is advisable to acquire some professional work experience after completing a B. Arch course. This will be more valuable in the long run.
Although it is not easy to become an architect in USA, but you will have umpteen opportunities available in case you complete a degree in architecture there. You start by going to a university, then you may work as a freelancer or in a company as an architect.
USA is the best country to pursue a degree in architecture.

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