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How to Improve Spoken English?

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The blog gives the information regarding speaking English language. Various tips are given to improve communication skills of candidate such as speaking on daily basis, assessing own  answer and finding the mistakes by working on it, listening to some English language content to improve vocabulary and by recording the voice would help the students to work on speaking skills and improve it .  

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When a student starts learning the English language, his first and foremost goal is to improve his spoken English. It can broaden your world, from job opportunities to the ability to relate people from every country. English is recognized as an international language; in fact, it is the language of the planet. When you start learning English, you will find yourself talking to all kinds of native speakers. Therefore, it is imperative to feel comfortable and confident. Just like proper ways to improve your writing or listening skills, there are ways to improve your spoken English as well. We bring you some of the top tips:  

Speak, speak, and speak: 

Everyone is aware of the fact that improving speaking skills is not easy. Moreover, there is no shortcut to enhance that. The best way to speak better is to speak! You have to commit to this practice and with as many people as possible. If you are going to study abroad, then you can use it to your advantage. Speak with the native speakers in your neighborhood or your colleagues or your classmates, coffee shops, and more. At first, you will not be comfortable, but eventually, you will gain confidence. In case you are in your country, then practice speaking with your classmates or teachers or find a partner by joining an online English language, learner’s community.

Reflect on your conversations: 

After having a conversation, take a minute to reflect. Evaluate your communication and answer this question, ‘How did it go, how much you were able to understand or how comfortable you were with the subject matter?’ It will help you increase your confidence for the next time you speak. It will also help you overcome the shortcomings you encountered before.

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Listen and read: 

To talk, you need words. You will be learning new words in your class, but there are other ways to increase your vocabulary. You can watch English movies, radio, or English news channels and podcasts. Besides these, you can also read books, novels, magazines, newspapers and there you will find new words, new expressions to express your things.

Prepare cheat sheets: 

If you have just started with the spoken English course, then it is evident that you will be nervous communicating with others at the start. To combat this, you can prepare your cheat sheet. For example, imagine you are going to a doctor. Before your appointment, you can look for the words and phrases relating to your condition. You can probably use this technique before going to a departmental store or a restaurant, or job interviews or police station, or a bank.


Hearing your recording is an amazing way to improve your speaking skills. Record yourself speaking on a topic for one minute and listen to yourself. This way, you will be able to point out your own mistakes and can work better. You might witness that you are speaking quickly when nervous or may swallow many words.

Also, you will get confidence after hearing your recording; you will get to know how much you have improved. The best way to use recordings to your advantage is by getting them evaluated from your teacher. 

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by practicing on daily basis would help the pupils to improve and learn at least one word on daily basis.
English is considered as an international language which will help to communicate with any person belonging to other regions.
Students can avail different opportunities and expand their horizons by learning this language.
It is required in every aspect of life like watching television, using electronical gadgets and many more.
It can be learned by listening to it on daily basis and involving a person of using it in his/her communication.

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