Certified Management Accountant (CMA) in USA: Benefits, Requirements, Exam Structure, Syllabus, Registration & Scope

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CMA is a common choice of course to pursue in the USA. The requirement for CMAs in the USA is heightening gradually. Students should definitely consider pursuing it in the USA. However, to begin, students must know the course's basic requirements, fee structure, registration, and scope.

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The Certified Management Accountant (CMA) is a widespread choice among students. As its scope increased, its demand has also risen. Moreover, pursuing a CMA in the USA institute will increase the student’s career opportunities. Not limited to this, students will also experience quality education from the top universities.

Hundreds of top institutes offer this course, but US programs get worldwide attention. That’s why pursuing a CMA in the US from some of the best universities is a fantastic decision. Students must know the requirements, eligibility, and everything necessary to do this course.

This post will cover everything a student needs to learn to do this course in the US. So, let’s move ahead without any delay.

Why Study CMA in the USA?

In the field of management and accounts, a CMA from the US is the highest qualification. The benefits of pursuing this course from the USA are endless. Some of them are mentioned below:

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Skills & KnowledgeDoing this course from the USA will help students gain exposure on an international basis. A USA CMA is acknowledged by developing countries such as India, the UK, Canada, etc. Students will get to learn about business ethics and distinct skills.
Course DurationThe duration of this course is another factor why students should opt for this course. The course duration is of 6-9 months. In this short time, students get to have an experience of a lifetime. This course is much better than an MBA or MS, which are usually 1.5 or 2 years long.
Career AdvancementIn renowned organizations, the demand for this field is rising. Especially in the US market, CMAs are the need of the hour. This has also resulted in an increase in the salary package for this field.
Versatile Job OptionsThis course opens the door to distinct industries. Students can try any industry with this qualification, from manufacturing, consulting, and healthcare to IT. The CMAs are flexible and proficient, which guarantees job security.
Global RecognitionStudents can achieve global recognition by pursuing CMA in the USA, as it’s accepted by almost every country. So this can secure students good jobs in different countries with excellent salary packages.
Scholarship OpportunitiesStudying CMA in the USA also gives the student the option to apply for scholarships. IMA offers several scholarships that can help applicant manage their course fees. If the student has a good academic record previously, that can increase their chances of getting a scholarship.

These are some benefits of pursuing CMA in the USA as a student. This course clears the path for various new exciting opportunities. Let’s go over the eligibility criteria in the further blog.

CMA in USA Eligibility

Some documents are necessary to apply to any course. Similarly, students must submit some documents to be eligible for CMA. These documents are as follows:

• IMA membership
• Certificate of class 12th or the higher secondary certificate
• Undergraduate degree in a relevant field
• A Language Proficiency Test (IELTS, TOEFL, etc.)
• At least two years of experience in Finance, Accounting, or Management field

These are the CMA USA eligibility criteria. Students with these certifications can apply to the CMA in the USA easily.

CMA in USA Syllabus

The US CMA course is split into two sections. The first section is Financial Planning, Performance, and Analytics, and the other is Strategic Financial Management. Students can appear in the parts in any order. But, students can only move to the next if the first part is clear. The syllabus for both parts is mentioned below:

Financial Planning, Performance, and Analytics

The initial section of the US CMA course has 100 multiple-choice questions along with two essay questions. The scores are given between 0 and 500. At least a 360 score in this section is necessary to qualify for Certified Management Accountant in the USA. The US CMA course syllabus for this part is as follows:

• Cost Management
• Technology and Analysis
• Performance Management
• Internal Controls
• External Financial Reporting Decisions
• Planning, Budgeting, and Forecasting

Strategic Financial Management

The format of the second section of the CMA exam is similar to the first. There are 100 MCQs and two essay questions with a duration of 30 minutes. To clear the exam, students must obtain 360 out of 500. The topics that are in the second part as follows:

• Decision Analysis
• Corporate Finance
• Risk Management
• Investment Decisions
• Professional Ethics
• Financial Statement Analysis

This is the format and syllabus for the CMA exam. Students must only prepare for the exam according to this US CMA course syllabus and format.

How to Register for CMA in the US?

Students can easily register for the CMA course online. Students can proceed further When they pass the CMA USA eligibility criteria. The procedure to apply for this course in USA is as follows:

• Initially, the students need to buy a membership of the IMA. For this, the students must fill in a registration form and pay a membership fee. The registration form varies from career to career.
• Once receiving the membership, the student must also pay an entrance fee. Otherwise, the applicant won’t be able to sit for the exam. The student must pay twice the CMA USA course fees as there are two parts.
• Finally, after the registration and payment are complete, the student will receive a confirmation email. With it, they’ll receive an authorisation number and guidelines to choose the Prometric test centre for the CMA exam.

That’s it! The registration process for the CMA in the USA is complete. If any student fails any part of the exam, they will have to retake the exam and repay the exam fees.

CMA in USA Fee Structure

The CMA USA course fees vary for different groups. There are two main types of groups for this program. The details for the groups are mentioned below:

CMA Fees for Student/ Academic MembersCMA Fees for Professional Members
•  CMA Entrance Fees: $210
•  CMA Exam Fee: $345 per section
•  CMA Entrance Fees: $280
•  CMA Exam Fee: $460 per section

CMA in USA Scope

Once the student has cleared the CMA in the US, several job opportunities will present themselves. The scope of CMA in the USA is broad and opens doors to various industries. Some jobs and the CMA USA salary are written below:

Job PositionAvg. Salary (Annually)
Finance Manager$67,000 - $123,000
Financial Controller$66,000 - $131,000
Certified Public Accountant$55,000 - $149,000
Senior Financial Analyst$68,000 - $106,000
Accounting Manager$57,000 - $114,000


This blog covers all the crucial information regarding CMA in the USA. Students can learn the benefits of studying this course in the USA. They can also find the registration procedure for the CMA in IMA, along with the syllabus and fee structure. This blog also mentions the scope of this course further. However, if students come across any difficulty at any point, they can consult Canam and reach out to the experts today.


There are numerous benefits of a CMA in the USA. The requirement in such a field is increasing. Moreover, getting a CMA from the USA will provide more exposure to the student on a global basis. It will enhance their skills and offer better job security.
Yes, with this certification, students can also get jobs in other countries. More than 150 countries accept the CMA score. This makes it highly popular among students who wish to work abroad.
No, the students don’t necessarily need a finance degree to become a CMA. The focus of this exam is on feasible financial skills and not on academic backgrounds. So, anyone can take this exam; they just need to know the proper syllabus and prepare accordingly.
It takes approximately 12-18 months to fulfil the program. This whole procedure integrates studying and passing the exam. Furthermore, during this time, the student must meet the requirements, provide work experience, and complete other steps.
Students can find more information regarding the exam syllabus on the official website of IMA. There, the student can find everything related to the exam. This includes the requirements, fee structure, exam dates, and everything else.

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