CAEL Test: Tips for CAEL Speaking Module

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Mastering the CAEL Speaking test has never been easier! Canam presents to you all the necessary tips, tricks, strategies and approaches that one must follow to boost their CAEL Speaking test scores and preparation. Take a peek into the CAEL test's intricacies and leap towards indefinite success.  

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Tailored primarily for International students wishing to pursue higher studies in Canada, the Canadian Academic English Language Test, popularly known as the CAEL, is a highly comprehensive exam that tests students’ English proficiency. In the Canadian context, the CAEL is superior to any other English proficiency test as it is the most accurate yet authentic representation of Canadian English. The test is solely administered by Paragon Testing Enterprises, a subsidiary of the University of British Columbia. 

What makes the CAEL test stand out among other English examinations such as TOEFL and IELTS is its integrated approach, i.e. it combines each component of the test and incorporates a variety of linguistic abilities.

Quick facts

Full formCanadian Academic English Language Test
Duration3.5 hours
ModulesSpeaking, Listening, Reading and Writing
Mode of examOnline- computer based
ResultScores are available online within 8 business days

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CAEL Speaking Module: An Overview

The Speaking module of the CAEL test evaluates an individual's ability to converse fluently in English in an academic setting. The test judges one's competency to speak the English language in an effective manner. The Speaking test is 7 to 10 minutes long and comprises three essential tasks. Two of these three speaking tasks are based on answering short questions, and the third is associated with talking on a graph, diagram or chart presented during the exam. In this way, the Speaking module tests one's speaking capabilities and ability to listen constructively and take quick notes simultaneously.

There are two sections in the Speaking Test.

Reading a passageListening and Speaking
This task is 5 minutes longIt takes 15 minutes to complete this task
For this task, a passage of around 150 words is handed over to the test taker, which they must read aloudIn this task, an audio recording is played, followed by a few questions the candidates are meant to answer.
This task tests one’s pronunciation skills along with examining their intonation and rhythmThis task assesses one’s ability to analyze information, infer it in their way and express their opinions.

CAEL Test- Tips to Ace the Exam

Regular Practice

There is no denying the fact that hard work is the key to success. Remember that. Keep practicing and one can soon notice an improvement within themselves. Take the help of online materials or practice speaking in front of a mirror. Focus on note-taking skills as well.

Fluency and Diction

Please pay close attention to the fluency and diction, as they matter the most in the speaking test. The trick is to be confident. Assertive body language is key in enhancing one’s confidence level. Try not to take pauses while speaking. Keep the head up straight and maintain eye contact with the examiner. 

Understand the Pattern of the Test

Familiarizing with the test pattern is highly helpful. Knowing the pattern beforehand helps one practice better and avoids last-minute confusion and stress. It is often noticed that the results are much better when one knows what to expect. 

Frame a structure 

While speaking, try organizing the material into a structure. Follow a pattern to take advantage of essential details. Moreover, adding a system to your speaking module makes the presentation more engaging, coherent, and straightforward. 

Continuous Feedback 

Self-evaluation is an excellent strategy that all test-takers must follow. To do so, record yourself while speaking and listen to the recording later. Make a note of the strengths and weaknesses and evaluate. Take the guidance of a friend, family member or a trained professional.

In this blog, we learnt that the CAEL Speaking section evaluates an individual's proficiency in English, especially while conversing. The Speaking module is relatively easy to score in with the right strategies and guidance. Therefore, there are specific tips that one must always keep in mind. Rigorous practice is a vital element while preparing for this module. Work on your vocabulary and pronunciation skills, as it will come in handy. Don't shy away from someone's help; it will only strengthen your preparation. But the most important of them is always an optimistic approach.

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All significant Canadian post-secondary schools accept the CAEL as evidence of English language ability.
The CAEL Speaking module is hardly 7 to 10 minutes long. However, the whole process of it may take up to 20 minutes.
Topics covered in the Speaking text are generally based on academic studies but are not limited to that. Overall, they are simple and are designed keeping in mind the level of students.
No, that is not the case. Having an accent or not plays no part in the scoring of the CAEL Speaking test. Until an individual is clear, fluent and understanding the nuances of the English language, accent plays no role. 

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