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Universities and Colleges in Ontario

Universities and Colleges in Ontario


With over 14 million population and an International Student Population of 233,226 (2016 figures), Toronto, Ottawa, Kingston, London, and Hamilton have become one of Ontario’s main study destinations. After Quebec, Ontario is the second-largest province in Canada, with one million square kilometres of land.

The Universities and colleges in Ontario for international students offer world-class education first-class immersion experience and help them gain a competitive edge. A recent report from University Works shows that graduates from Ontario university have experienced the highest employment growth rate than any other group of students in the last decade. The employment rate was massive at 92%. Students who study from Universities and colleges in Ontario easily get jobs related to their studies and earn significantly more. Check out the universities and colleges in Ontario and the advantages of living in Ontario below.

Why Study in Universities and Colleges in Ontario for International Students?


  • Ontario has Canada’s top universities and colleges that help International students gain a competitive edge with degrees, diplomas, and certificates held in high esteem across Canada and recognized worldwide. With a global ranking of 25, the University of Toronto is an example. The university is No. 1 in Ontario and Canada. The other prestigious universities in Toronto, Ontario, include York University, Ryerson University and OCAD University.
  • Ontario is an economic powerhouse for Canada, and it generates 38% of the national GDP and is home to almost 50% of all employees. Ontario’s capital Toronto is considered one of the top cities, and it’s a very diverse and lively place to live as an international student.
  • While providing ample research opportunities to international students, Ontario offers more job opportunities than other Canadian provinces and lets students easily earn while learning. The additional advantage of living in Ontario (south) is that the U.S. Border is very near, so you can live in Canada but work in the United States as you are allowed to do so.
  • Ontario is naturally diverse. It has vast forests, beautiful provincial parks, approximately 250,000 lakes, and one of the most popular tourist attractions Niagara Falls, where international students love to enjoy during their leisure time.
  • Ontario is estimated to have 20% of the world’s freshwater stores and has every resource to be self-sufficient. It is the largest producer of fruits, vegetables and other agricultural products, and international students can have what they want in plenty.
  • Ontarians are warm and welcoming people always ready to help new and international students. Staying in Ontario, students will start to experience a sense of belonging within a few days of their stay.

Universities and Colleges in Ontario for International Students:

Discover the top universities and colleges in Ontario that offer diverse programs across a variety of disciplines and offer assistance to students in achieving their career goals.


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