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Education System in UK

One of the best education systems in the world is available in the United Kingdom (UK). The UK has the most famous universities in the world like University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge. United Kingdom Education System is highly regarded in the world. Therefore, through the UK Education System, you can gain world-class qualifications, a brighter future, and unforgettable student experience.

The UK offers a number of courses at undergraduate and postgraduate level. The duration of degrees saves students from extra cost and time during your education in UK. The levels of education are classified as followed:

Undergraduate Studies:

If student wish to study in UK universities, the application will be processed through a central government agency that coordinates applications for every university which ensures the transparency. There are several degree courses available which can help to acquire skills for a variety of jobs or further education.

An undergraduate degree usually lasts for three years but if there is an industrial assignment or a supplementary subject included in the qualification it may take longer. Students can acquire a bachelor’s degree from a university or higher education college. A bachelor’s degree otherwise with honors or vocational foundation degrees that lasts for two years are also available in many institutions. Many educational institutions have recently started offering integrated master’s degrees, particularly in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. These degrees last for four years. Other degree programs that last for 4 years include a ‘sandwich’ year under which students can gain relevant work experience for 1 year.

Postgraduate Studies:

Student can apply for a postgraduate degree if they have completed an undergraduate degree. Postgraduate qualifications include the following courses:

  • Graduate certificates and diplomas, professional graduate certificates in education – level 6. Student can apply for these courses if they have already completed a bachelor’s degree, often as conversion course.
  • Postgraduate certificates and diplomas, postgraduate certificate in education – level 7. These courses are shorter than a full master’s degree.
  • Master’s degrees that last for one year. If student wish to study a research-based master’s degree it may last for two years.
  • If student wishes to attain a qualification that is purely research and practice-based (Doctorates, Ph.D./D.Phil.), the student will have to complete a master degree for application to such programs. These degrees at level 8, last for three years and they are the top levels of the qualifications frameworks.


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