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Canada Education

A confederation of ten provinces and three territories, Canada is the preferred destination for international education aspirants. As per the Canadian constitution, the provincial governments are exclusively responsible for all levels of education, and the Education System in Canada One of the Best in the World.

Education in Canada at the post-secondary level:
You can acquire Canadian education at the post-secondary level from universities, university colleges, Community colleges, Career Colleges, and Technical institutes.

Universities: The universities in Canada are majorly publicly funded. Thus, the education offered here is of high quality across the rural and urban setups. Also, these universities are internationally recognized for their high standards of teaching and research.

University Colleges:
Under this setting, the students will find an arrangement of Canadian university and college ethnicities, emphasizing applied and study programs available in campus environments. Here students will find a wide range of programs in addition to practically-oriented college diplomas and certificates.

Community Colleges:
These colleges are mainly responsible for the training needs of business, industry, and public service industries. Such colleges fulfil the academic requisites of vocationally-oriented graduates, job-seeking graduates, and the lifelong learning needs of professionals.

Career Colleges and Technical Institutes:
These are independently or privately run institutions offering training programs to train students with practical skills to make them job-ready. Provincially approved and regulated, these colleges and institutes ensure quality. Students looking forward to taking up short-term training programs in computer or internet studies, film studies, multimedia, graphic design and hospitality, and so on can explore these career colleges.

Levels of Education:
Canada Education System offers education at various levels. These may include Certificate, Diploma, Bachelor’s degree, Bachelor’s degree (Honors), Masters, Doctorate or PhD, and the Academic Year.

Certificate: Post Senior Secondary education majorly for one year offered specifically in colleges.

Diploma: Post senior secondary qualification usually for one to two years offered in colleges.

Bachelor degree: Bachelor’s degrees in Canada require three or four years of full-time study, and the duration depends on the province or whether the program is general or specialized. Undergraduate education is followed by completing senior secondary or high school.

Bachelor degree (Honors): A Bachelor’s degree in Honors involves a higher level of specialization and is more intensive. It usually takes four years to complete and ensures easy enrollment in most Master’s programs in Canada.                          

Master’s degree: Master’s degree is followed by Bachelor’s and requires 1-2 years of study. A master’s degree in Canada usually includes a thesis, practicum, research paper, or a course-based program in Canada.

Doctorate or PhD: Highest qualification awarded on completion of four to seven years of study in a particular stream or specialization. It also comprises some coursework but is mainly based on submitting unique research and thesis.

The academic year:
It usually begins in September and completes in May. The academic year typically comprises two semesters, and the second semester starts in January. Some institutes have a trimester system comprising three semesters in an academic year.

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