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Student life in the UK

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The life of students in the UK can be very intimidating when they first reach there, but the possibilities for fun and new friends and benefitting your career are practically endless. It's an amazing opportunity to research and work in the UK, and you should not miss it at any cost. These are the few tips you should know if you are looking forward to studying in the UK.



Most colleges have a guidebook that discusses the various options for student housing, so this will help you decide which suits you the best. Just like American dormitories, halls are the most common form of accommodation. Also, there are catering halls where services like dining facilities are available. You may also go to self-catering halls where you are required to take care of your meals, but you still have the pleasant element of living with people. Going for an accommodation that suits your personality and lifestyle is an important step.


The UK typically has a temperate climate with mild and wet winters. It is advisable to have warm clothing. The country experiences the maximum temperature during July and the minimum temperature during January. It is always best to be prepared for the season, both physically and mentally.


Buying books and stationery is no piece of cake. It would expect you to loosen the purse strings a little. The most economical choice is to take required material from the library; but, always remember to look in advance for the books and course material you need. Looking for them at the last moment might not help. Consider purchasing books from online or second-hand bookshops.


To simplify your life, make sure to set up a UK bank account. To open a new account in the UK, you will have to address proof to the bank. A copy of a bill from both your permanent and current address would help. If you cannot find a bill for your current address, ask for help from your housing provider.

Other than that, you require an acceptance letter to the bank as proof of your student status. Bank officials might set up a small interview to verify your credit status.


If you are living in London, then for a student, Oyster card is a must. It is a contactless travel card that gives students a reduced travel rate on underground, overground, and bus services in London. The most amazing thing about this student exclusive card is that it has your name and a photo, so if you lose it, money can be transferred easily.

If you wish to fly across the UK, investing in a 16-25 railcard is also a smart thing to do. On the National Express coach services and Megabus, you will also find some amusing travel deals. And booking tickets in advance will easily make the difference between a � 10 ticket and a � 90 ticket.

We hope this blog has made it easier for you to understand student life in London. If you require any assistance in applying to courses abroad, universities abroad, writing SOP, get in touch with team Canam

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