MS in Computer Science in the USA: Top Universities, Eligibility, Scholarship, Jobs for Indian Students

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Pursuing a Master’s in Computer Science in the USA can be transformative. Read this blog for in-depth knowledge on pursuing an MS in Computer Science overseas. Learn about the best institutions, pre-requisites for admission, financial aid facilities, employment scope and more.

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The world of computer science has always been an exciting and exhilarating option for students worldwide. Many countries around the globe provide appealing opportunities for Masters in Computer Science. However, the US continues to be students' first pick out of all these. What makes pursuing computer science in the USA so special is the robust curriculum, astonishing infrastructure, impeccable faculty and the plethora of job opportunities it provides. The blog covers details, imperative for aspiring students to know about while applying for education in the USA.

What is an MS in Computer Science?

In its true sense, an MS in Computer Science is a Master in Computer Science, a popular specialization in engineering. This degree intends to impart the knowledge of complex computer science concepts, applications and techniques to students who opt for it. An MS degree in Computer Science equips individuals to sharpen their skillset and knowledge in artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, machine learning, computer graphics, etc.

An MS in Computer Science in the USA is typically a two-year program with full-time and part-time options.

Top 3 reasons to pursue MS in Computer Science in the USA-

The academic landscape in the USA is diverse, especially in engineering. Among the many engineering specializations, computer science is the most promising one. It is very high in demand and ensures that individuals receive a well-rounded technical and advanced education. Here is a list of the top three reasons why students should pursue an MS in Computer Science in the USA-

  • World-Class Education- Universities and colleges in the USA are world-renowned and offer a variety of specializations and programs. The institutions provide top-notch education with a competitive curriculum, state-of-the-art infrastructure, innovative labs and facilities, among many other distinguishing features.
  • Career Opportunities- The USA is a technological hub and is home to many renowned international companies, organizations, startups and businesses. Therefore, an MS in Computer Science from the USA opens doors to exciting work prospects, including internship and practical training opportunities.
  • Networking Possibilities- The USA is a multi-cultural and multi-ethnic nation with a highly diverse population. Therefore, studying in the USA allows an individual to meet, interact and build a network with people worldwide. Not only can this help one professionally, but it also helps an individual grow personally.

Best Universities-

Earning a Master’s degree in Computer Science from The USA can be highly rewarding if completed by a reputable and respected institution. The USA has a few of the most highly ranked universities and colleges that provide students with excellent education and overall holistic and enriching experience. These institutions have continuously proved themselves with their advanced infrastructure, experienced faculty and well-developed curriculum. Following are some of the best universities for MS in Computer Science in the USA

Troy UniversityMS in Computer Science (Computer Network and Security)
Arizona State University
  • Master’s in Computer Engineering
  • MS in information System Management
California State UniversityMS in Information Systems
University of IllinoisMS in Computer Science in Management Information Systems
University of MissouriMS in Information Systems and Technology


An MS in Computer Science program in the USA is a competitive course. Students wishing to pursue it or be admitted to it must meet specific criteria and prerequisites. Although these may vary depending on the university or specific program, following is a set of eligibility criteria generally followed-

  • Undergraduate Degree- Having an undergraduate degree, also known as a bachelor's degree of 4 years, from a known and accredited university is extremely important. A student with a bachelor's in science, engineering or any related field is usually preferred for admission.
  • Transcripts- Students must possess their complete official transcripts with a minimum GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale. Per Indian standards, it is equivalent to a grade B and around 85%. Although this is a standard score, certain universities have their cutoffs.
  • English Proficiency- As a non-native speaker, an individual must take a test to prove their English proficiency as an integral prerequisite to admission to American Universities. Exams such as IELTS, TOEFL and PTE are the most popular ones. Each institution requires a different minimum score.
  • Standardized Tests- For an MS in Computer Science, students must provide scores of the GRE test, a standardized test accepted by countries such as Canada and the USA. Not all universities have the exact minimum score requirements.
  • Other Documents- Apart from the criteria mentioned above, three more documents are essential-
    1. Statement of Purpose- This is a personalized document wherein a student is supposed to mention a detailed response as to why they wish to pursue a particular program in a specific country.
    2. Letters of Recommendation- Popularly known as LOR, it is a document generally written and signed by previous professors attesting to an individual's capabilities. On an average, most universities require at least 2 to 3 LORS.
    3.Resume- It is a cumulative record of an individual's professional, academic and personal achievements. It includes all extra-curricular achievements that one possesses. A CV or Resume showcases an individual's all-roundedness.


A distinguishing feature of American institutions is the plethora of scholarships and financial aid they provide. Studying in the USA can be daunting for an international student. Therefore, financial assistance through a scholarship is an excellent way to boost students' confidence and provide them with the needed support to complete their education. Scholarships are of multiple types and are rewarded on different criteria. Here are a few of the most common USA scholarships-

PEO International Peace Scholarship for WomenIt is designed to assist women and girls who intend to study in the USA.
Foreign Full-bright Student ProgramThis scholarship provides complete monetary assistance regarding tuition fee, travel costs, living expenses etc,  specifically to engineering students.
National Overseas ScholarshipIt is an amazing scholarship offered to international students with aggregate marks of 55%. It covers all sorts of academic and miscellaneous expenses.
Civil Society Leadership AwardThis scholarship is awarded specifically to students with an excellent academic record.

Career Prospects

USA is a highly consumer-driven economy with some leading companies and multi corporations. Moreover, the field of computer science is hugely desirable, offering a multitude of career opportunities. Graduates today have a wide array of possibilities in front of them. A few of the most popular ones have been iterated below-

Data ScientistInterpret and analyze digital data to further assist in the company’s decision-making process
Software DeveloperDesign, code and test computer software
IT Project ManagerOversee and coordinate digital projects
AI SpecialistDevelop  and maintain AI systems
Block chain DeveloperFormulate and interpret block chain technology solutions
Ethical HackerAvoid and prevent malicious hacking by outsiders

An MS in Computer Science from the USA is undoubtedly one of the best career fields to pursue, especially for Indian students. With adequate knowledge and preparation, it can be an incredibly transformative step in a student's life. The USA has the world's most recognized and coveted universities that provide students with comprehensive and advanced learning. Furthermore, due to its specialized nature, the course offers many career opportunities and prospects. This degree provides practical expertise and equips individuals to navigate life.


Typically, a computer science degree at the master's level in the USA is 1.5 to 2 years long. However, this duration may vary for individuals who continue them full-time or part-time.
Computer science is a distinctly regarded and recognized program in the USA. It is offered by some of the world’s most renowned institutions and opens a gateway to various career opportunities.
There are loads of career opportunities available. These include- Software and Android Developers, Cybersecurity Analysts, AI Specialists, C++ Developers, and Information Security Managers etc.
Most leading universities give the GRE a lot of emphasis for admission to any engineering program. However, this requirement may vary.
The documents required by most American institutions include official transcripts, IELTS scores, GRE scores, Letters of Recommendation, Statement of Purpose and Resume.

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