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Advantage of taking Health Science Course at Under-graduate level in Canada

As the world is constantly being exposed to some or the other forms of illness, it is becoming necessary to have qualified personnel hired in every realm of the healthcare sector. As a result of this, healthcare as an industry is expanding at a fast pace adding new areas of research and study, including the

Discover Courses after 12th arts in Canada with Canam Consultants

Studying in Canada after 12th  is a dream of many students in India, and some have managed to fulfil it while some are hustling to turn it into a reality. From January to November 2021, nearly 1,30,000 Indian students were approved to study in Canada. Only in 2018, The number of Indian students in Canada exceeds the number

Study MBBS in Canada

MBBS in Canada is an undergraduate program offered as a 3 to 4 year full-time MD (Doctor of Medicine) degree. To get entry into the MD program in Canada, Indian students must possess 3 to 4-year bachelor’s degrees. As an Indian student, you must also appear for MCAT and NEET to be eligible for admission

What do I Need to Know about living in Canada?

Canada is one of the most preferred study abroad destinations today, and India is the country from where most students go to Canada for higher studies to achieve their career goals. Are you a student planning to study in Canada after 12th or after graduation? This blog will help you learn about various things you should know about

What are the Different Provinces in Canada like?

A province is most often an administrative division within a country or state. It is derived from the ancient Roman Provincia, which was the major territorial and administrative unit of the Roman Empire’s territorial possessions outside Italy. Canada has ten provinces and three territories, and each has its own capital. The ten provinces in Canada

Canada Set a New Record by Welcoming 450,000 New International Students in 2021

In 2019, almost 2.2 million students went to Canada, which was record-breaking at that time. But in 2021, this record is broken with 450,000 students coming to Canada. In 2020, during COVID-19, the figures fell to just over 255,000. Talking about the figures for 2021, these are doubled compared to 2015, demonstrating the increasing interest

Frequently Asked Questions about Study in Canada

In this blog, we try to answer all your queries about studying in Canada. We believe that the blog will help clear your doubts and give you a better understanding of different aspects of studying in Canada. Below are some of the most asked questions by the students going to study in Canada and our

How can you Apply to University in Canada for Indian Students?

Studying in Canada is a dream of many international students today. There were 642,480 international students in Canada in December 2019, from which 219,855 were Indian students! It is a great number and shows how much students from India are interested in studying in Canada. Indian Students like you who are planning to study in Canada usually have many

What are the Pros and Cons of Studying in Canada?

Canada, one of the largest multicultural countries with natural beauty, wide-open spaces, mountains and lakes. Its beauty is not the factor that is responsible for students migrating to it but it is the education system, excellent job opportunities and top-ranked universities that provide world-class education and degree that is admired by the education system all

Why is the Education System in Canada One of the Best in the World?

When it comes to studying abroad destinations, very few options come into our minds, and these are usually the U.K., USA, and Canada! And when we talk about affordability and educational excellence, we are reduced to just one option, i.e. study in Canada!  According to a report by U.S. News, Canada was the 3rd best