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An Introduction To Studying In Australia

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For students who want to study abroad, pursuing their academics in another country can be quite an overwhelming prospect. Still, by gathering the right information, you will soon be on your way to a world-class degree down under.

In this blog, we have put together a guide that will assist you in your study abroad adventure.


Most of the Universities in Australia are on the east coast. Internationally known and reputed institutions such as the University of Melbourne, University of New South Wales, and the University of Queensland are all situated on the east coast of Australia.

The cities on the east provide excellent lifestyle and pleasant weather conditions which you will generally expect from any large cities in Australia. However, if you arent a fan of big cities, then the University of Perth might be more up your alley, as it is known for its laid back surroundings and pristine beaches.

What and where to study

One of the first things which you would need to do is to decide on what course you want to pursue and in which institution you wish to pursue it.
When it comes to academics, there are a large number of institutes to choose from. Also, you will need to keep aspects like cost, location, rankings, weather, etc. in mind while choosing your university.


Australian universities can be a bit on the costly side, though the prices can vary dramatically between various institutions. Before zeroing down on a university, one must compare the cost of courses that you have shortlisted.
Also, keep in mind that the subjects which you choose will be factored in the costs of tuition.


Australian institutions are amongst the most reputed when it comes to university rankings. According to the QS university rankings, 33 Australian institutes are amongst the global top 100 institutes, which is more than any other country excluding the USA and UK.

Several universities in Australia welcome in their country a high number of international students each year.

Applying to a university

Students who want to study abroad in Australia will be required to apply directly to the institution, as there is no country-wise application system in place.

Most of the universities entertain online applications, though many of them might levy a fee for doing so. So remember to do your research thoroughly and only make an application to a university where you want to study.

Also, you will require a copy of your passport and all your academic documents which you have received to date. A personal statement of purpose is not a mandatory requirement, but nevertheless, it is a good idea to provide one. A student can utilize an SOP for explaining why he/she deserves to be considered for a program and what is your motive for doing the course to which you have applied. Remember also to list out all your extracurricular and academic achievements, which will help you stand out from the rest of the candidates.

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