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  • Dimensions International College Pte Ltd

Dimensions International College


Visioning itself as a premier institution providing an alternative pathway to holistic education in the private education industry is DIMENSIONS International College. Inculcating among students the passion for learning is DIMENSIONS International College (DIMENSIONS), founded in 1980 and is formerly called as DIMENSIONS Commercial School. At present the college has three campuses. Within DIMENSIONS, the colleges have four schools called the School of Languages, School of Hospitality, School of Preparatory and the School of Higher Learning. All these four schools are offering different types of courses to meet the varied needs and requirements of its international students.

Why Dimensions International College

Students looking for specialization and are fond of learning should explore DIMENSIONS INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE because: 

  • Awards and Recognitions:
    The various awards and certifications conferred to the college is the proof of the college’s success in providing quality education to the international students.

  • Expert faculty:
    The College has a large faculty of full-time and part-time lecturers. All its lecturers are approved by the Academic Board and registered with CPE and possess the required
    qualifications with 5 years of experience or higher level of qualifications.

  • Diverse Cultural mix:
    As the college has an international mix of students, they can experience a diverse cultural mix and share their different studying methods to give a multi-approach to learning.

  • Academic Board and an Examination Board:
    DIMENSIONS has installed an Academic Board and an Examination Board to ensure the quality and standards of its academic processes.

  • Overseas offices:
    The College has its overseas offices in Asian countries like China, India, Vietnam, Korea and Malaysia and provides a closer and personal touch to potential international students who wish to study at the college.



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