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BPP University College


In case you are looking forward to pursue your international education from an institute that in the stream of law, business, finance, accountancy, banking, chiropractic, dentistry, nursing, psychology or healthcare than your search may end at BPP University in United Kingdom (UK). It is the only university in UK solely dedicated to business and the professions. The university is committed in providing you knowledge, skills and guidance to make you job ready and a thorough professional. The university follows a strong commercial approach, within a business culture that is designed to help students perform well and identify their potentials and deliver great results. The programmes at the university are designed in partnership with industry experts, business owners and professionals in the fields of law, business, finance and health.

BPP University made history in September 2007, by becoming the first publicly owned company in the UK, to obtain degree awarding powers.

Why BPP University College

Committed : The aims that the University has set in its mission are tried to be accomplished effectively.

Quality of Education: People have full confidence and trust in the quality of education offered at the university.

Excellent management: University has an excellent framework for the management of academic awards and programmes

Flexible and updated academics: The University responds to the changing needs of society while safeguarding BPP University as an academic community.

BPP University Scholarships: At BPP students possessing passion and inquisitiveness to learn and gain skills get scholarships if their families are not financially strong to support education.

Multiple locations: The BPP University has its presence at multiple locations including: Abingdon, Birmingham, Bristol, Cambridge, Croydon, Leeds Park Row, Leeds Whitehall Quay, Liverpool, London City, London Holborn, London Kings Cross, London Shepherd's Bush, London Waterloo, and Manchester.

University’s missions: BPP University aims at promoting excellence in professional education by being forward-thinking, progressive and innovative. It also aims at bridging the gap between education and professional practice, to inspire and challenge tomorrow's business and professional people in a supportive learning environment.



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