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Northern College - Timmins Campus Students

Student Life & Services

  • Student Services - Each campus has its own Student Services office to help you register for courses, understand the rules for staff and students at Northern, find forms you may need to complete, and reward you with credit for courses you have finished before. Most services can be accessed online in the Student Portal or you can see us in person on campus if you would prefer that.
  • Academics - Most information about your studies will be found in Blackboard or directly from your instructors. Have questions that you can’t find online? Connect with your Program Coordinator or email your instructor from your Northern College email account to get all the answers you are looking for! Don’t be shy – be sure to let us know if something isn’t working or you need help. The earlier you do this, the better.
  • Advising Services - We have excellent Advising Services with zero or little wait times to meet any needs you might have as a student. Advisors are standing by to offer one-on-one or group support to you as a student in a safe, accepting, professional and highly confidential environment. We are also here to improve your College student experience with a balance of fun, engaging and educational strategies.
  • Student Associations - Our Northern College Student Association (NCSA)chapters at the Haileybury, Kirkland Lake, and Timmins Campuses are student-led groups that are dedicated to empowering student success in all aspects of student life during your period of study and after graduation. Student Life Advisors are here to support you with fun activities and events to make your Northern College experience even better! Be sure to reach out and join in to make the most of your time with us – you won’t regret it!
  • Life on Campus - Each of Northern’s campuses boasts workout and training facilities, a gym, cafeteria, study areas and a library. There are places that you can go to help keep you focused as you work your way through your studies as well as other gathering spots to meet up with others and have some fun. Learn how to access all your Campus Services and be sure to sign up for great ways to find new friends and be a part of the College!
  • Health and Wellness - We know that as a student you will need both physical and mental health services to be your best self. Take advantage of our health and wellness services that can increase your chances in student success, as well as being healthy and well adjusted into life after you graduate.
  • IT Resources - Our Information Technology (IT) staff are here to support you with any technical difficulties that may arise when connecting to our College Network, your Student Portal account or student email. Reach out if you need help about anything from logging in or how to find the materials you need to study. We like when you try to stump us, so go ahead – ask us about getting the information you need to succeed if you don’t find it right at your fingertips!

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