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ILAC Canadian Tourism College Students

Student Support Services

Employment Opportunities - During studies, opportunities sometimes arise for students to gain part-time employment from various industries that ILAC CTC has networks with. Students will be notified of any relevant employment opportunities via on campus notice boards, ILAC CTC’s online job board (Career Hunters), emails, and verbally by ILAC CTC staff.

For other job opportunities, you can look at local newspapers, online job sites such as Craigslist/Monster/Indeed, and community notice boards. Please remember it is important to balance work, study and personal time.

Alumni students of ILAC CTC will have access to job placement assistance, ongoing support for upgrading resumes and access to tourism job leads through the ILAC CTC website.

This service is available to all graduates requesting information and support in their job search. Assistance includes resume and cover letter preparation, job lead emails, career trends, and general support. Students are able to log in at the ILAC CTC’s Career Hunter on for current jobs available.

Independent Learning Plan - Students are encouraged to notify their Admissions Advisor regarding any educational issues, barriers to learning or concerns prior to enrollment in a program. Students will meet with the Senior Education Administrator to discuss how the College can support them and may also create an Individual Learning Plan (ILP) in order to accommodate these needs. ILP’s can be modified to meet student needs based on student and Senior Education Administrator’s input.

An ILP identifies educational barriers or learning concerns prior to enrollment. Additionally, an ILP may be created to address other learning concerns that develop during a program of study. Examples may include (not exclusive to) academic or attendance concerns, behavioral concerns, an approved Leave Application between the student and Campus Director, or a student who’s been placed on Academic Probation.

The ILP identifies academic outcomes accompanied by the needs and activities needed to undertake the process. A weekly record outlining activities is created and a completion date that is agreed upon by the student, Instructor and Senior Education Administrator.

Student Evaluations - Students will have several opportunities to evaluate all facets of ILAC CTC during their program duration, through online evaluations completed during class time and one-on-one meetings. The Campus Director will be available to answer any questions regarding definitions of terms used in the evaluations to ensure that all evaluations have been submitted.

All online evaluations at ILAC CTC are anonymous, however you are able to put your name on the evaluation if you wish to be contacted to discuss the evaluation in more detail. Evaluation windows open on quarterly basis through Survey Monkey.

One-on-one meetings are conducted monthly with the student and the Instructor. This provides a private opportunity for both parties to discuss the student’s academic path at ILAC CTC, progress, marks, attendance and more.

Alcohol & Cannabis - Students may not attend College or field trips while under the influence of alcohol and/or cannabis and are forbidden from bringing intoxicating beverages / liquor/substances onto ILAC CTC premises at any time. Any student found in an intoxicated state will be requested to leave the College (supervised by ILAC CTC staff) and will be subject to disciplinary action.

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