Why Study in France?

Why Study in France?

Every student wishes to study from the best university or college in the world. To pursue this dream, most students tend to do their higher education abroad. While choosing their dream college or university, certain things are kept as a priority: the quality of education and cost of living. Studying in France has been one of the most popular options for international students for quite some time now. Let us now look at the reasons why that is so.

a. Internationally–a renowned system of higher education – The brilliance of higher education and research in France is globally acknowledged. There are multiple universities with top international rankings. This country boasts of producing around sixty two Nobel Prize winners, including Marie Curie, the first woman ever to receive a Nobel Prize. Research and innovation are given top priority in this country. The government invests enormously in the education sector due to which French universities and colleges have state of the art machinery and professors. International students benefit from the diversified training and courses, both conventional and nonconventional, offered by such institutions. Broadly there are two types of classes for students, lectures and practical work. Such initiatives, along with internships, make the student well prepared for employment.

b. Language – Keeping in mind the high percentage of international students in higher educational institutions in France, many courses are provided in English. Short courses for learning French are also offered so that the students can easily survive in the country. Since communication is vital for any international student to feel comfortable in a foreign land, most students prefer to opt for such courses to be self-reliant.

c. Affordability – There is a widespread belief that higher education in France is quite expensive, but to everyone’s surprise, the reality is quite different. Not only is the tuition less than the UK and USA, but the French government also provides funding to international students subject to certain conditions. In 2019, there were quite a few French scholarships announced for Indian students. Such options work as an incentive for international students. The cost of living in France is also affordable, but like any other country, it provides varied accommodations, travel options, and restaurants, keeping in mind all classes of people. International students have the choice of affordable student accommodation, a student social security cover, subsidized ticket prices in places like theatre and cinema, and part-time employment on campus and off-campus.

d. Lifestyle – Being a country that is rich in art and culture, France offers multiple options for international students to let their hair loose. It is known for its exquisite wine, its unique architecture, and its unparalleled cuisine globally. Due to its geographical location, the country has a pleasant climate throughout the year, which adds to its beauty. The French government, as well as its people, are incredibly welcoming and warm towards international students. The country offers a more comfortable visa and immigration regulations as compared to other countries. Since the country has many global neighbors, most students end up visiting a lot of countries while studying in France, using affordable traveling options like automobiles, trains, and airplanes.

e. Employment – France has a vibrant and ever-growing economy. It is resilient and can bounce back quickly from an economic crisis or pandemic. The unemployment rates are low. Upon graduation, international students often choose to take up jobs in France due to the high wages and employee-oriented policies the government makes. It is the dream of such students to settle down in this beautiful country, which offers the best facilities in the world at a reasonable cost.