Things You Need To Consider Before Choosing Study Abroad Consultants

Things You Need To Consider Before Choosing Study Abroad Consultants

Studying abroad and acquiring excellent educational qualifications ensure a bright future across the world in any field. This is the reason that each year more than a thousand students apply for courses abroad. Every aspirant is looking for a consultant who is equipped with extensive knowledge of rules and regulation and paperwork which is required for admission and visa processing. The right agent makes the process easy and saves you a lot of time and money. As there is a huge number of Study Abroad Consultants available in India, you might get stuck with an Agent who is incapable or fraudulent and invite legal complications too. Hence there are a few things you need to consider before choosing Study Abroad Consultants which are as follows:

• Experience as a Consultant: No matter what field it is, experience speaks. An experienced professional has come across several cases that needed extensive knowledge and skills. Experienced Agents are highly reputed among international universities and colleges. Moreover, an experienced professional representing your case to the Embassy ensures that your visa application is submitted with no mistakes and discrepancies.

• Reviews and Feedbacks: In the age of technology when everything can be searched on Google, it becomes really hard for fraudulent and incapable agents to hide the online reviews and feedbacks that disappointed aspirants have posted. An agent who is honest, dedicated and experienced will have lesser negative reviews and more positive feedbacks online as compared to those agents who are just concentrating on making money from innocent students.

• Recognized and Licensed Agents: Looking at thousands of aspirants being fooled by immigration Agents, the Government of India and all the State Governments decided to issue a license to agents who are transparent, honest and true to their profession and aspirants. An agent is required to be registered under the Government and the License is issued on the basis of the performance and successful cases the Agent has done.

The authorities abroad have also introduced the memberships and certifications an Agent needs to earn to be able to apply for student visas. For instance, being an ICCRC Member in Canada ensures that the Agent is certified by the Canadian Government or being a MARA Agent ensures that the Agent is a registered Australian Agent. Being a licensed Agent, the consultant cannot work fraudulently and provide students wrong guidance as his/her license will be canceled in case of any fraud.

• Transparency: Being transparent during the whole admission and visa process is the most important aspect that cannot be ignored. Being clear about the course, institute, offer letter, tuition fee and visa filing to the student builds a strong trust and faith in the aspirants. Hence, it is important to notice if your agent is hiding any information from you or not able to clear doubts.

Canam has more than 23 years of experience and has been licensed by the Government. In all these years Canam has built a strong relationship with colleges and universities abroad. The visa applications submitted by Canam Consultants are on time and error-free. To study abroad, we recommend you to visit your nearest branch as Canam Consultants have offices across India and all the staff is highly experienced in their area of work.