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Studying Abroad: Expectations vs Reality

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Studying abroad is a dream of every Indian student, and this can be estimated from the list of Countries with the Most Students Studying Abroad. On the list, India only comes after China. Students before going abroad usually set high expectations, and through this blog, we wish to help our students set realistic expectations and may not face disappointment later on.

Studying abroad may seem like fun, but living independently without your parents and managing your studies while working is not that easy if you ask your friends or any of your references living abroad. Surely there are fun moments while studying abroad, but it may not be the way you expect it to be. We wish you to embrace every phase of life and go with the flow. Below are the points that may help you set realistic expectations if you are going to study in another country.

Expectation No.1:

I will have a ton of friends immediately:

If you think that you will be able to make several friends immediately, you might end up getting disappointed because as you enter the new country, you will find a culture shock. You will find that their viewpoints and way of living, and linguistic abilities are completely different from yours. The culture and customs of the country too will be different. You will need some time to adapt to other students and society. You will be able to make friends with people you live with and your classmates. Apart from that, you can join organizations and clubs, attend social gatherings and parties to extend your friend circle.

Expectation No.2:

I will speak a foreign language just like the native speaker.

While living in your native land, you might think that you will master the foreign language as soon as you reach there and will be able to communicate the way foreigners do, but this is not so true. They are the natives of that land and will be able to speak and communicate in a way better way than you will do. It is always advised not to imitate them because you can't be perfect in speaking their first language as they will not be perfect in speaking your first language. Don't get frustrated or disappointed if you cannot communicate the way they do. With time, by interacting with localities practicing speaking their language, you will learn and adapt to their way of speaking language. You will be able to communicate your thoughts most vividly. Still, you may never be able to communicate in a way that a native of that land does. So don't get disappointed if you don't speak like them. So, embrace yourself and the way you speak!

Expectation No. 3:

I will enjoy sightseeing and exploring with friends every day.

You may think that you will enjoy going to places every other day, but it is not the case if you study abroad. Your days will often be packed. While attending college, students usually go to part-time jobs to manage their finances. Their day starts early in the morning with a cup of coffee they make for themselves and end on a tiring note, sometimes at midnight. There will be time between the end of a semester and the beginning of the new semester when you will be making lasting memories with your friends by sightseeing and exploring. Keep up the positivity. Always try to believe that good times are around the corner; give your best to your studies and enjoy in between so you may never regret later.

Expectation No.4:

I will be able to visit my home country quite often

As a student going to study abroad, you may promise your friends and family that you will come to visit them quite often, but as you will reach to your study abroad destination and get busy with your routine, you may hardly be able to pay a frequent visit to your home country. A student who is studying abroad often takes 2-4 years to visit their native country, family, and friends. They sometimes get so busy in their daily lives that they sometimes don't even get the time to make a phone call to their friends and family. It is a harsh reality. So if you expect that you will come back to your native country soon and meet your friends and family frequently, it may break your heart. Live with your family and friends now if you are in your native land and planning to study abroad; make the most out of your time before going to study overseas.


To conclude, your study life abroad may not be like the way you assume it to be when living in your native country. Even if we travel somewhere far from our home, things don't usually go the way we expect, but it doesn't mean that we should lose hope. True intelligence is adapting to the need of the hour and your current circumstances and remaining hopeful. If you adapt to the need of the hour while studying abroad and set realistic expectations, your study abroad dream may assume a better reality than you have ever dreamed!

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