Study in USA for Indian Students after 12th

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Study in USA for Indian students after 12th

The USA is the Country with the most international students globally. The Country has got some of the most famous cities top-ranked universities, and studying in the USA offers International students the perfect blend of educational quality and cultural experience.

Studying in the USA for Indian students after the 12th is one of the perfect options because, at this point, the student is mature enough to tackle life challenges. Moreover, the top Universities and colleges in the USA provide undergraduate programs after the 12th that helps students get an edge when securing a leading position in a reputed organization later in life. This blog will discuss why you should study in the USA after the 12th, how you can fulfil your dream to study in the USA, which courses you can choose, and the top-ranked universities in the USA. 

Reasons to Study in the USA for Indian students after 12th

  • The USA has more than 976,853 (2019 figures) international students with University of California - Los Angeles, hosting 10,273, students the most international students in the United States in 2020/21. The number of international students studying in the USA is higher than in any other country.
  • Do you know Which Country has the best education system in the world in 2020? Which Country has the No1 University in the World? It is in the USA! Whether you talk about Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology or Stanford University, all are the USA. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is the NO.1 University in the world today when we were writing this blog in 2021. According to the Times Higher Education World University Rankings (2018), the USA has seven out of the top ten universities globally. 
  • It depends on you whether you choose to live on campus or off-campus. The university campus life in the USA is as impressive as its universities. Living on campus will not only add an educational experience, but it will also help you meet friends from all corners of the world. As an international student, you can work on campus under certain conditions and work 20 hours a week during semesters and full time (40 hours a week) during vacations. 
  • The universities and colleges in the USA for international students provide a diverse range of programs after the 12th. You as a student can choose the field of study that aligns most with your career dreams and goals. 

How can you Study in USA after 12th?

After reading the information above, we hope that your decision to study in the USA has become more solid. Now comes the most crucial point: How can you study in the USA after the 12th?

  • Most universities that are English-speaking require international students to pass an English language proficiency test with a score of 6.5 to 7.0 in order to be admitted. The exact band requirements depend on the course you choose, and you can check them on the university's official website. To fulfil these English language proficiency requirements, you can give IELTS or TOEFL Exam after completing your 12th. 
  • Another requirement that you need to fulfil to study in the USA is to gain good SAT scores. SAT- Scholastic Aptitude Test is a reasoning test for admission to an undergraduate course in the USA and worldwide. Along with SAT scores, universities and colleges also evaluate the students' performance in academics and extracurricular activities. To get admission into Universities in the USA after 12th, students must achieve an SAT score between 600-800. 
  • Yet Another requirement you need to satisfy as a student if you want to study in the USA after the 12th is that you must be eighteen years of age. However, this age barrier is for some courses only. Along with the required age, enough monetary funds are needed to be proven for the span of the program.

Courses after 12th in USA

There is a diverse range of undergraduate courses in USA for Indian students. Below is a detailed list of the few top courses you can choose to have an impressive career ahead.

Study Commerce in USA after 12th

There are various courses that you can choose after you have completed your 12th in Commerce. You can select a U.G. program in the related field or choose a different stream. You can pursue careers in disciplines such as accounting, finance, business, management, economics and other courses in the area of Journalism, Law, Fashion and Design, Language Courses or any course that align with your interests. To study your desired program, you must obtain a minimum of 70% marks in your class 12 Exams and 5.5 IELTS band Score. 

Study Science in USA for Indian Students after 12th

 The best thing about studying Science in the USA after the 12th is that you will gain theoretical and practical experience that adds intense value to your knowledge and credentials. You can study natural sciences such as chemistry, biology, or physics with a BSc. Below are the courses that you can choose to study in the USA after the 12th: 

Pure Sciences

  • Bachelor of Biology
  • BSc in Chemistry
  • BS in Applied Physics
  • Bachelor of Science
  • B.S. in Biological Chemistry

Study MBBS in USA for Indian Students after 12th

 The essential qualification for Indian students to start on their medical course is 10+2 or equivalent with Physics, Chemistry and Biology as subjects. MBBS is a postgraduate curriculum in the USA, whereas it is a bachelor's degree in India. It is the equal of an MD (Doctor of Medicine) in the USA and takes around four years to complete. The basic requirement for applying to this degree is that an international student must first finish a pre-medical course at a university in the United States. After earning an M.D., a student must enroll on a 3-5 year residency program to work as a doctor. The total time required to study MBBS in the United States is between 7 and 9 years.

Top 20 US Universities 2020

Rank University

1   Harvard University
2   Stanford University
3   Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
4   University of California Berkeley (UCB)
5   University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)
6    Yale University
7    Columbia University
8    Princeton University
9    New York University (NYU)
10  University of Pennsylvania
11  University of Chicago
12  Cornell University
13  Duke University
14   Johns Hopkins University
15  University of Southern California
16   Northwestern University
17   Carnegie Mellon University
18   University of Michigan
19    Brown University
20    Boston University

Why Should you take guidance from Canam Consultants for Studying in the USA? 

The colleges or universities in the USA are several. A large number of programs and eligibility differences across Colleges in the USA sometimes makes students unable to make the right decision and requires a lot of effort. It is where overseas education consultants like Canam help students to realize their dreams easily and effectively. Canam Consultants Ltd is an approved USA Study Visa Consultant in India by AIRC (American International Recruitment Council) that assists the students who aspire to go to the USA for education.

American universities are very particular about ethical recruitment practices and only appoint AIRC accredited consultants. Canam Consultants has received this accreditation in May 2010 and became one of the first few consultants in the world to acquire such recognition. The highly trained Canam Counselors provide you with authentic information that helps benefit you as a student who will study in the USA.

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