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Want to pursue higher education in the USA but don't know which university or courses to choose? Students can use this blog as a map to navigate the process and select the university/ program that best suits their goals and interests. Moreover, this blog also includes popular university scholarships that international students can consider while applying. Read the blog for in-depth information on various universities, courses and scholarships available for international students to study in the USA. 

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American Dream is a beautiful concept that implies the ideal of equal opportunity for all. The possibility of gaining prosperity and wealth with hard work and passion is what pulls international students from around the world to gain education and experience in the USA. Indian students are no exception to this thought, as every year, a large pool of Indian students fly to the USA to pursue their higher education and life goals. Their excellent infrastructure and education systems reinforce why students must study in the USA to realize their dreams. 

Why Study in the USA?

The USA has always been a beacon of higher education and home to some of the world's most prestigious universities offering diverse courses. A student's academic journey in the USA is sure to be an epic one, but embarking on such an adventure, that too, thousands of miles away from home, can seem daunting. However, with correct information and guidance, international students can glide through the system and find the perfect university, course and scholarship to study in the USA.  

There are many benefits of studying in the USA, such as: 

Academic ExcellenceThe USA has some of the top universities in the world that offer a wide range of programs and degrees. These universities are known for their high academic standards and attract top faculty and researchers. 
Flexible Education SystemThe U.S. education system is very flexible and allows students to choose and create their curriculum. It allows students to tailor their education to their requirements and learn subjects that align with their goals. 
Cultural DiversityThe USA is an epitome of diversity as it becomes home to people from all over the world. Such diversity offers an excellent opportunity for Indian students to learn about different cultures and make friends from around the world. Students must know how to tackle cultural differences for a smooth learning experience. 
Post-Work PermitPost-work permit is one of the leading reasons students want to study in the USA. This permit allows international students to gain work experience after graduating. 

Education System in the USA

Education system in the USA offers a vast diversity for international students as thousands of accredited higher education institutions provides different types of degrees: 

Undergraduate Degree- It usually takes four years to complete and is also known as a bachelor's degree. It works as the foundation for specific fields of study. 

Associate Degree- An associate degree usually takes two years to complete and can be career-oriented or transferred to a four-year program. This degree provides specific skills and knowledge for entry-level positions in a particular field. 

Graduate Degree- A graduate degree typically takes three years to complete and requires a bachelor's degree for admission. This degree offers advanced study and specialization in a particular field. 

Doctorate Degree- Students need a master's degree for admission, which usually takes four to eight years to complete. This degree prepares individuals for research and teaching in a particular field. The most common type of doctorate is a Ph.D., but there are also professional doctorates, such as an M.D. or Ed.D.

DegreeTime to CompletePurposeExamples
Undergraduate4 YearsBroad foundationBachelor of Arts (BA), Bachelor of Science (BS)
Associate2 YearsCareer-oriented or transferAssociate of Arts (AA), Associate of Science (AS)
Graduate1-3 YearsAdvanced study and specializationMaster of Arts (MA), Master of Science (MS), Master of Business Administration (MBA), Juris Doctor (JD)
Doctorate4-8 YearsResearch and/or teachingDoctor of Philosophy (PhD), Doctor of Medicine (M.D.), Doctor of Education (Ed.D)

Courses to Study in USA

The USA is a famous study-abroad destination because of the course selection system. Diversity of courses is at the heart of the U.S. education experience, with options ranging from traditional disciplines to cutting-edge fields. This course selection system is perfect for those seeking advanced education, as graduate programs offer master's and doctoral degrees in specialized fields. Here's a list of courses in the USA that students can choose from: 

• Marketing
• Business Analytics
• Business Consulting
• Product Management 
• Software Engineering
• Cloud Computing
• UI/UX Design 
• Data Science
• Block Chain Development
• Investment Banking  
• Behavioural Finance
• Financial Technology 
• Financial Analysis
• Investment Banking 
• Nursing
• Healthcare Administration
• Scientific Computing
• Journalism
• Physics and Life Sciences

List of Universities and Scholarships 

Here are some of the famous universities and the scholarships they offer that students can choose to study in the USA: 

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University Scholarships
Arkansas State UniversityFreshman Scholarship
California Lutheran University • Global Scholars Program
• Cal Lutheran Donor Scholarships
California State UniversityCSU IP Scholarship
DeVry University• International Student Success Scholarship
• American Pathway for International Scholars (APIS)
The University of Alabama• Presidential Scholarship 
• Foundation in Excellence scholarship

Arkansas State University

Arkansas State University is a public research university in Arkansas, founded in 1909, and the university has over 13,000 students enrolled in various undergraduate and graduate programs. It has a beautiful campus, over 170 degree programs and a variety of student organizations and activities. 

Scholarships offered by Arkansas State University

Below is the scholarship that is provided by the Arkansas State University

Freshman Scholarship

This scholarship is for undergraduate freshmen, and the recipient is awarded $3,000 per year; however, this scholarship cannot be combined with other scholarships. A student must receive a 3.25 GPA and meet A-State English proficiency requirements to be eligible for this scholarship. 

California Lutheran University 

California Lutheran University is a private university that offers over 40 undergraduate majors and 30 graduate programs. It is known for its strong programs in business, education, nursing, and the sciences. The university also offers generous scholarships and financial aid programs to international students. 

Scholarships offered by California Lutheran University 

Below are the scholarships that are offered by California 

Global Scholars Program

It is an automatic consideration available for incoming students from the following regions: Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Europe, and Latin America. The Global scholarships are renewable for subsequent years of enrolment. 

Award: Up to $30,000 is offered to first-year students and up to $25,000 to transfers. 

Cal Lutheran Donor Scholarships

Students need to fill out a general application through the Cal Lutheran Scholarship system, which is evaluated for over 300 scholarships provided to the students by the benefactors. This application is announced based on student type each year. 

Award: An amount between $500 and $2,500 is offered to the recipients. 

California State University

The California State University is a public university that has grown to become one of the country's most respected and comprehensive university systems. The university offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs and research opportunities to international students. 

CSU IP Scholarship

This scholarship is available to students accepted into a CSU IP program. This scholarship awards five $1000 scholarships for the academic year, one $1000 scholarship for the calendar year and three $750 for the semester program. To qualify for this scholarship, student must meet the following criteria: 

• have a strong academic record 
• have a high financial need 

DeVry University

DeVry University is renowned for its bachelor's and master's degree programs in various fields, including business, technology, healthcare, and liberal arts. This university also offers several certificate programs that international students can choose from. 

Scholarships offered by DeVry University

Below are the scholarships that are offered by the DeVry University

International Student Success Scholarship

DeVry offers up to $ 5,000 for all eligible applicants enrolling in an approved DeVry University F-1 program and location. The student must study in the United States on an F-1 Visa during their first year. 

American Pathway for International Scholars (APIS)

International undergraduate and graduate students living abroad and studying online may be eligible to receive a scholarship of 50% of the prevailing tuition rate. 

University of Alabama 

The University of Alabama is one the most significant public universities in Alabama. It offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs, with over 130 undergraduate majors and 120 graduate programs. It is known for its programs in business, engineering, education, and law. It is also famous for its scholarships. 

Scholarships offered by the University of Alabama 

Below are the scholarships that are offered by the University of Alabama

Presidential Scholarship 

Students with a 4.0+ GPA and 36 ACT or 1600 SAT will be selected for a Presidential Elite Scholar and will receive: 

• Value of tuition for up to four years or eight semesters for degree-seeking undergraduate and graduate law studies. 
• First year of on-campus housing at regular room rate 
• $1,000 per year supplement scholarship for four years 
• $ 2,000 one-time allowance for use in summer research or international study 
• $ 500 per year Supe Store book scholarship for four years

Foundation in Excellence Scholarship 

Students with 32-36 ACT or 1420-1600 SAT will be eligible for a Foundation in Excellence Scholarship. Under this scholarship, students can receive a $15,000 award.

Apart from the universities mentioned above, students can also consider applying to these universities/ colleges: 

Universities / Colleges Location
Academy of Art UniversitySan Francisco
Alliant International UniversitySan Diego
Berkeley City CollegeBerkeley
Butte CollegeOroville
College of AlamedaAlameda
College of the CanyonsSanta Clarita
Golden West CollegeHuntington Beach
Laney CollegeOakland
The University of ArizonaTucson

For more information on these universities/ colleges, students can contact Canam Consultants.  

Application Process and Admission Requirements 

Getting admission to one of the USA universities is no easy feat. However, proper guidance and information about the application process and admission requirements can help to glide through the storm. For admission, students will be required to provide documents such as: 

• Standardized test results (SAT or ACT for some undergraduate programs & GRE or GMAT for some graduate programs)
• Language proficiency test (TOEFL or IELTS)
• Academic transcripts 
• Letter of recommendation 

Application Process for Universities in the USA

To apply for a university in the USA, students can follow these simple steps: 

• Learn about language requirements
• Collect the required university application documents 
• Take a standardized test
• Send applications to universities 
• Receive the acceptance letter

Students are also advised to keep the application deadlines in mind to avoid late admission. For further guidance and details on the application process, students can seek the help of professionals such as Canam Consultants.


Studying in the USA offers students with a unique and enticing opportunity to engage in a world-class education system, immersive campus life, and diverse cultures. Prospective students must start their journey with diligent research and planning to make informed decisions about universities, courses, and scholarships. With determination and the right resources, living the American Dream is possible. What's more, the USA's academic experience can be profoundly enriching and transformative for students. Those looking for expert guidance and a smooth transition to study in the USA are welcome to contact Canam Consultants.


Here are some of the most prominent benefits of studying in the USA:

• Access to world-class universities and diverse programs 
• Flexible education system allowing customization of learning experience
• Exposure to a multicultural environment and opportunities to network globally 
The USA offers four types of degrees, which are: 

• Undergraduate Degree
• Associate Degree
• Graduate Degree
• Doctoral Degree
Many universities in the USA offer scholarships to international students, such as Arkansas State University, California Lutheran University, California State University, DeVry University, The University of Alabama and more. 
• Students must provide the following documents to apply for universities in the USA:
• Standardized tests (SAT/ACT for some undergraduates, GRE/GMAT for some graduate students).
• Language proficiency tests (TOEFL/IELTS).
• Academic transcripts, statement of purpose, letters of recommendation.
• Specific requirements may vary by university and program.
Students can explore scholarships, grants, and work-study opportunities to help support their studies. Education loans and private funding options can also be availed.  

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