Study in Canada with the help of Canam Consultants

Canada Education is one of the goals for millions of youth all across India because Canada is among the finest education destinations and for all the right reasons! Its great value for your money, a very safe country, and they need more young people with skills to drive their economy. This is just the article for you to read if you aspire to be an international student, study in Canada and experts at Canam can help you get there.

If there is a country that you should fly to for higher studies, it is Canada. It is not just because of the fact that the country is high on quality of life but also because the education in Canada is valued internationally. Every year about 130,000 students travel to Canada to pursue higher studies. Canadian universities and colleges are highly reputed and offer courses that are internationally acclaimed and very much similar to those at a US based university.

Another factor that makes courses in Canada the best option for international students is that the cost of education here is much less as compared to countries like the US, the UK, or Australia. Universities and colleges in Canada offer a variety of undergraduate and post-graduate level courses and programs for all students in various streams. However, following are the top most popular courses that are preferred by Indian students in Canada:

  • Engineering
  • Computer Science or Information technology
  • MBA or Business management
  • Pharmacy and other Health Sciences
  • Hospitality management

The eligibility criteria are simple and the fee structure for each of these courses is quite affordable as well. You need at least 50% marks in 12th grade for a college admission and 70%-90%+ at universities. Each university/college has its specific requirement of IELTS. Tuition fee in Canada typically ranges from CAD $12,000 to $16,000 per year at colleges and CAD $22000 to $26,000 at Universities approximately.

What makes Canada such a favourite among Indian students?

The very first reason is – Top Notch Education and Highly Valued Scholarship

Canada is among the best countries for higher studies because it provides world class education and the courses are recognized globally. Canadian universities are equivalent to those of the US, Australia and other European nations. Indian and students from any other country can get valuable education at very affordable fees.

Enjoyable Campus Life

Canadian universities are lively and the number and variety of events they host are incredible. Every university here is known for its own events and parties. Not to mention that various cultural events help bring together people from multi lingual and widely colourful, ethnically distinct and diverse cultural backgrounds.

Plenty of Employment Opportunities

As a student studying here you are allowed to take up a part time job both on the campus itself and/or off it. Students don’t need work permit to work on campus and they are allowed to work for up to 20 hours per week. Even after they are done with their graduation, the post graduation work permit allows   vast employment opportunities for them in various domains. If you are a student with good knowledge and relevant skills, you could get placed in the most reputed companies. These are just some of the reasons that make Canada a much preferred choice for higher studies among Indian students.

Canam Consultants is the most trusted name for Canadian Education as the expert Canam team hold 20 plus years of experience in making ‘study abroad dreams’ of lakhs and lakhs of Indian youth come true. Canam team will guide you in every step of the admissions and visa processes.