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Myths About Studying Abroad

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Myths about studying abroad

The idea of going to study abroad is as unsettling as it is motivating. There are a lot of reasons for a student to consider moving abroad for their studies a few of them being:

  • Exposure to different cultures
  • Better higher education
  • Improved lifestyle
  • More options in terms of courses offered

Though there are many positives of going abroad, there might be a few hurdles and mental blocks that get in the way of making your dream a reality. The obstacles might seem hard and scary to overcome, but don’t worry, here are a few myths and irrational fears about studying abroad which might be holding you back from pursuing your dreams:

Employment chances decline 

When you study abroad, it does improve your employment prospects. With the advent of globalization worldwide, any global experience reflects positively on your resume while applying for jobs and pursuing the career of your dreams. When your prospective employers become aware that you have studied abroad, it makes them think that you can take risks, you are flexible, and also independent.

You need to be fluent in a language

Many foreign universities focus on enrolling international students, as a result of which many courses offered by the universities are taught in the English language. Although having a basic knowledge of the native language will help you to assimilate quickly into the culture of your new host country.

Studying abroad is costly

Pursuing your study abroad can be an expensive proposition to a certain degree. Still, due to the increasing popularity of culture overseas, there are many opportunities for financial support that are available. Many academic institutions are offering scholarships, especially for international students who want to pursue their education in their university or college. To avail, these scholarships and bursaries get in touch with the international department of the university you wish to apply to.

Making friends while studying abroad will be hard

Forming new friendships is extremely easy when going elsewhere for your studies, as the university where you will be studying will organize a number of social events for its international students to help them acclimatize to their new surroundings quickly. Before you know, you will be making plans to go out with your new friends.

Studying abroad is one big party 

For many people to study abroad is just an excuse to go for one big vacation and get away from your monotonous routine for some time. But for the majority of people, it is a way to expand your knowledge, acquire international perspectives. It is what you decide to do with your time while you are there. The comprehensive study abroad experience is composed of having a healthy balance between socializing, partying, and staying on top of your academics.

Studying overseas will lead to a delay in your graduation

Study abroad will not lead to any delay in your degree, and the courses which you have taken in the foreign university can easily be cross credited to your existing qualification. It means that you will be graduating for the first time of your graduation. If going overseas is adding more time to your degree, then you should look at other courses as alternatives.

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