Masters in International Relations, USA

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The USA is listed amongst the top study abroad destinations for seeking quality education. With an incredible Education system in the USA, students wishing to study abroad will level up their knowledge of different cultures and societies and be forced to undergo a perception-altering experience that will gradually change the way they see the field of international relations as a whole.

International Relations is a sociable discipline, which includes negotiating, engaging, and cooperating with foreign nations effectively and respectfully. What better way to gain the valuable and practical experience needed for a successful career in this field than by regularly placing yourself in the middle of cross-cultural interactions?

The USA is an ideal study destination for pursuing education in the field of International Relations. If you want to know about International relations in the USA, then read the entire blog.

What's a Masters in International Relations?

A Masters in International Relations is a two-year program emphasizing multiple factors responsible for dealing with challenges at the International community level. This course will comprise theoretical and interdisciplinary studies based upon which you will be exploring the contemporary world.

This course is considered one of the most popular branches of Politics. Some of its subjects are International Organisation, Impact of Science and Technology on International Relations, Peace and Strategic Studies, International Political Economy, etc.

Masters in International Relations USA: Curriculum

Masters in International Relations emphasizes various contemporary International Relations. Human Rights, Globalisation, Economic Development, Nuclear Proliferation will help students find answers to many common issues related to International Relations.

Down below are the important subjects of Masters in International Relations USA-

First year
Making Foreign Policy
Global Security
International Relations Theory
International Political Economy
Writing International Relations
Second year
Framing Critical Perspectives
Violence and Political Order
The Evolution of the International System
Democracy and its Contents

Eligibility Criteria

To get through the program mentioned above in the USA, students will have to follow a set rule of requirements. Once you take all the necessary steps, you can pursue your higher education in the USA's international relations. Key points related to eligibility criteria-

  • Certificate of 10+2 from a recognized board
  • One must have a Bachelor's degree in the related or same field with a minimum required GPA score.
  • One must score well in the GRE (if they wish to pursue an MSc variant of the course )
  • IELTS, TOEFL, or any other English language proficiency exam score
  • SOP and LOR in the prescribed format

Popular courses of Masters in International Relations

Due to the growing popularity of this field, several candidates are opting for a career in international relations. Various American universities offer a wide range of master's courses in the field of international relations. Below are the popular programs for Masters in International Relations USA:

Master of Arts in International Affairs
MA in International Relations
Master of arts in International Science and Technology Policy
MA in International Politics and Military Affairs
Master of Arts in International Relations and Diplomacy
MS in National Security Affairs and International Relations
Master of Arts in International Relations
MBA/ MA in Diplomacy and International Relations (Dual Degree)
MA International Affairs
Master of arts in International Science and Technology Policy
MA Political Science
Master of Arts in Peace and Justice

After your master's in international relations is completed from the USA, you will get multiple career opportunities from corporate sector jobs to higher studies like a Ph.D. in International Relations. Many of the students, upon completing education in this field, tend to opt for profiles like-

  • Attorney
  • Patent Engineer
  • Research Assistant
  • Analyst

Hopefully, you are now acquainted with all the essential points of Masters in International Relations USA. Students can also avail scholarships in the USA depending on various factors that have to be met that differs from institute to institute.

There are many courses in the field mentioned above, and if you are confused about which one to go for, get in touch with our experts at Canam and we will guide you in the best way possible.

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