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LLM Abroad: Best Universities, Eligibility, Courses, Countries, Scholarship, Jobs for Indian Students

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Are you a law aspirant planning to pursue LLM abroad? Check out the best countries, universities, courses, scholarships, admission requirements, specializations and job prospects.

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Studying Masters of Law (LLM) abroad can be a life-changing experience for Indian students. As a law aspirant, the opportunity to study at the best universities for LLM abroad offers high quality education, opening numerous job opportunities for students. The international exposure gained from studying law in a foreign country can help students develop a global outlook and a deeper understanding of various legal systems.

Students planning to pursue a Master of Laws (LLM) abroad, read further to know the popular countries, top universities, eligibility criteria, LLM specializations, scholarships and more.

Why Study LLM Abroad

  • Global perspective: Studying abroad broadens students' understanding of international law and legal systems.
  • Networking opportunities: An LLM degree abroad allows students to build an international network of legal professionals, which can help open doors to job opportunities.
  • Specialization: Many LLM programs abroad offer specializations that might not be available in a student's home country.
  • Job opportunities: An LLM from a prestigious international institution can enhance employment opportunities for Indian students. Employers often value graduates with international experience as they can work in diverse environments.

LLM Abroad Vs LLM in India

There are several reasons to consider for studying an LLM abroad.

  • The global reputation of the best universities for LLM abroad can significantly increase your career prospects. Graduating from a high-ranking international institution can open career pathways to a multiple of job opportunities.
  • LLM programs abroad offer different specializations which are not available in India.
  • Teaching methods for LLM programs abroad emphasize on practical, real world application of legal concepts. This approach can help students develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
  • Studying abroad provides the opportunity to learn from world-renowned legal scholars, professionals and judges.

Popular Countries for LLM Abroad

Several countries are popular study destinations for Indian students looking to pursue LLM degree abroad. Some of these are:

1.United States: Home to some of the world's best law schools, the United States offers different LLM programs and specializations. The US legal education system is known for its focus on practical knowledge and case-based learning, making it a great option for Indian students.

2.United Kingdom: With its prestigious law schools, UK is a popular choice for Indian students looking to study for an LLM degree abroad. UK offers diverse LLM programs such as international law, commercial law, and human rights law.

3.Australia: Offering the best quality education and a multicultural environment, Australia is another attractive destination for Indian students to study an LLM abroad. Australian law schools are known for their focus on strong research and practical learning.

4.Canada: With its excellent law schools and welcoming attitude toward international students, Canada is a popular choice for Indian students looking to study LLM abroad. Canadian law schools offer carious LLM programs, including those focused on indigenous law, environmental law, and business law.

5.Germany: Known for its strong emphasis in research and innovation, German law schools offer various LLM programs focused on European and international law.

LLM Abroad Eligibility

Students need to meet the following requirements to study LLM abroad.

1.Bachelor's Degree in Law: Indian students must have completed a Bachelor's degree in law (LLB) from a recognized university in India.

2.English Language Proficiency: Meet English language proficiency through IELTSor TOEFLscore.

3.Letters of Recommendation: Many LLM programs abroad require applicants to submit letters of recommendation.

4.Statement of Purpose: A strong Statement of Purpose (SOP) is essential for admission to universities for LLM abroad.

5.CV/Resume: A CV or resume showcasing the student's academic achievements, professional experience, and extracurricular activities is also required for admission to LLM programs abroad.

6.Work Experience- Some universities require relevant work experience to pursue an LLM degree.

Document Requirements for LLM Abroad

•Academic Transcripts and Certificates
•English Language Proficiency Test Scores (IELTS, TOEFL, PTE)
•Statement of Purpose (SOP)
•Valid Passport
•Curriculum Vitae (CV)/ Resume
•Letters of Recommendation (LORs)

LLM Abroad Scholarships for Indian students

There are numerous scholarships available for Indian students to study LLM degree abroad. Some of the popular LLM abroad scholarships are-

1.Chevening Scholarships: These scholarships are sponsored by the UK government and available for Indian students studying an LLM degree in UK. These scholarships cover tuition fee, living expenses and travel cost of students.

2.Fulbright-Nehru Master's Fellowships: These fellowships provide funding for Indian students pursuing an LLM degree in the United States.

3.Australia Awards Scholarships: Funded by the Australian government, these scholarships are available for Indian students studying an LLM degree in Australia. The scholarships cover tuition fee, living expenses, and other costs.

4.Commonwealth Scholarships: Commonwealth Masters scholarships is for students who are from commonwealth countries (including India) and are interested to pursue LLM from the United Kingdom.

5.DAAD Scholarships: Sponsored by the German Academic Exchange Service, DAAD scholarships are available for Indian students studying LLM in Germany.

LLM Specializations

LLM programs abroad offer various specializations, and students can choose according to their field of interest and career goals. Some of the popular LLM specializations are-

  • Master of Laws in Criminology Abroad
  • Master of Laws in Legal Studies Abroad
  • Master of Administrative Law and Policy
  • Corporate & Financial Law LLM
  • LLM in Intellectual Property and Information Technology Law
  • Masters in Comparative Law

Jobs for Indian Students after LLM Abroad

Studying an LLM degree abroad can open up various job opportunities for Indian students. Given below are the career options after LLM abroad.

LawyerLegal AdvisorJudiciary
Policy AnalystCompliance DirectorCourt Administrator
Federal Regulatory AgentLegal ConsultantPrivate Investigator

Indian students can gain a lot by pursuing an LLM degree abroad. The benefits are numerous, from the opportunity to study at the best universities for LLM abroad to the chance to specializations in law. An LLM degree from a top international institution can unlock a successful legal career. Planning to study abroad? Know about the application process from our experienced study abroad consultants by visiting the nearest Canam branch or click here.


Pursuing an LLM abroad offer several benefits, such as exposure to a new legal system, networking opportunities, improved language skills, and immense career opportunities. Studying abroad can broaden your horizons and give a global perspective on legal issues.
The course duration of an LLM degree is 2 years. It also depends upon other factors such as university, course structure and part-time or full-time program.
Interests and passion
Career goals
Course Curriculum
Tuition fee and scholarships
University/ College ranking
The top countries to study LLM abroad are USA, UK and Canada.
LLM admissions abroad can be competitive for top law schools and it also depends upon the field of specialization selected.
International students can work part-time while studying LLM abroad. The rules and regulations may vary depending on the country.

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