Important Factors to Look for Before Choosing Your Study Abroad Destination

Important Factors to Look for Before Choosing Your Study Abroad Destination

So, you have decided to study abroad, well, congratulations! You just took the first step on your path to academic success. And we can help you make the next step! Many factors should be kept in mind before choosing your study abroad destination. We suggest you read the following points to pick the right country for you and to make your dreams a reality:

1.  First, decide what you want to study: 

The first thing to do is to figure out the field or course you want to study and wish to specialize in. Once you get a clear picture of your goals and passions, it will become much more comfortable to decide the country or university. Well, if you want to study Journalism or MBA, then the USA is your place, and if you’re going to study English, then the UK is your place and so on.

Figure out about the various kinds of programs available in your chosen field. Also, find out which programs would be best suited to your goals. Also, decide whether you want to take up a six month-certificate course, or a 2-year Master’s degree? Besides these, also find out if you will be benefitted from a hands-on or work-oriented sandwich program or a research-intensive program.

2.  Which country should you study this program?

There are many countries abroad where you can study your chosen program, and top academic institutions across the globe offer a wide range of programs. But make sure to narrow it down to those countries which are best suited for you!

The first thing you should consider is which country, in particular, is well-known for the program you want to study? For example, Germany offers the world’s best engineering programs. At the same time, the USA is an international favorite to pursue an MBA and journalism, and the UK is famous for English Language Programs.

You can take the help of various online platforms like QS rankings Top Universities, THE World’s University Rankings. These platforms come handy and can help you identify the best country for your subject.

3. Important information about the country

While figuring out the best country for you, career-wise, you should also gather knowledge about what your life would be like in any potential country. It will give you a fair idea of the rules, lifestyle, and culture of the country you are planning to finalize.

Try to find the answers to the following questions:

  • Does the country offer programs in English, or would you be learning a different language?
  • What are the necessary visa requirements to study in that country like language proficiency tests and more?
  • Wha is the average cost of living to live in this country?
  • What is the culture or customs in this country? What is the official language?
  • What are the work opportunities available in this country?

4.  Which Universities Can You Study In?

If you are confused, then you can visit leading overseas education consultants like Canam. They will help you find the top academic institutes across the globe for your subject.

For example, if you wish to study a Master’s degree in Data Science in the UK, then Canam can help you find the right university or College.

Try to find the answers to the following questions:

  • Where are these universities located in big cities or small university towns?
  • What are the living and working opportunities available in those locations?
  • What are the average living expenses?
  • What kind of services and facilities the university has to offer these international students?

Is there an Indian student organization there?

Once you decided your course, university, and country, the next most step is to find the requirements to apply. What is the entrance exam requirement or language proficiency requirement? Make sure to find out what modules you will be covering in your program, or does your admission requires any work experience or a portfolio. What is the minimum score requirement in exams like GMAT, LSAT, or GRE, or minimum band requirement in your IELTS or PTE?

Once you have done your research, the next step is easy to reach out to Canam. We will help you find the right program, university, and country perfectly matching your requirements. We will help you look for top academic institutes and courses matching your eligibility criteria, and you can apply from the comfort of your home. For us, your future is essential, and so is your health, therefore, you can apply online!