How to Accommodate to American living while studying in USA?

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How to Accommodate to American living while studying in USA.webp
Moving from India to study in USA will be a comprehensive change, and you will have to be prepared for the many differences that you will be facing. Many students will be moving far from the comfort of their homes, family, and the region for the first time in their life. Apart from the cultural variation, you will have to embrace the atmospheric change. But by the end of your education in USA, you will feel the positive modification that you have undergone regarding your learning, your perception and worldview, and your personality. This write-up will tell you about the things and situations that you have to be prepared for before you set sail to study in USA.

The Change of Weather Challenge
Topography and climatic conditions of US varies, and its not like that of India. Before you leave, you need to thoroughly research the weather conditions of the place where your college is situated. Most of the places in India experiences a hot climate, while the same may not be the conditions in most of the USA. The best is to contact your college and acquaint yourself regarding the climate of that place and prepare your wardrobe accordingly.

Adapt to the Culture and people around
USA is known for its cultural mix, and you will be finding more non-Americans than the natives. You will have to observe the people around you and conduct your actions. In college, you will find students like you from all parts of the world. It is an opportunity for you to learn about their different culture and customs. There may be closed small groups formed by the students according to their domicile nation. You can be a part of such a homogenous group of students in your nation. Similarly, you will find heterogeneous groups, but they share a common interest such as sports, music, books, and even food habits. It is easy to get along with such students.

Other than this, you will find an international student support center in your college that can help you to accommodate yourself easily.

Celebrate your fests but dont forget theirs too
While you study in USA, you will have festival holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas week, independence day, Halloween. During such occasions, you will get to mix up with the people of the region and celebrate these festivals, which will help you to understand their culture better. Americans are welcoming and curious. When you celebrate your festival and invite them to attend, they will readily accept your proposal.

Communication is the solution
When you move to a new nation, you hesitate to speak to the people due to non-familiarity. But the best way to know the nation is to know its people, and for that, you have to speak to them. When you interact, you are likely to ask a question such as good spots in the region to visit. Be direct, speak clear and slow when talking to Americans. Conversation helps you in getting affinity amid the people around you and make friends, which is integral when you study in USA.

Why do Indians want to study in USA?
Although the economy of USA has also been slow in the recent past but it has not adversely hit the education sector. US education has been pretty expensive for Indians due to the fall of rupee. However, the quality education, experienced teachers, technology, tools, infrastructure, ambiance, and opportunities the US colleges and universities provide are sufficient reasons for Indians to study in USA to excel in their life. Though the visa restrictions have declined the number of Indians students, still its just the students of China who are higher in number than the Indian students. The scholarships and education loans that are easily available promote education in US.

Work hard to succeed
Having prior knowledge of the subject that you are going to study is crucial when you decide to study in USA. India focuses on theoretical knowledge, but in US education system, practical knowledge is given high importance. You have to prepared for the classes before you attend it. You cannot be sitting ducks as active participation in discussion of the topics being taught are prioritized and carry score. Demonstration and visual learning are common methods used for learning.

Professors also give assignments, and grades are given on the bases of your performance. By the end of your semester, your total scores are calculated, giving the assessment of your hard work. USA is the land of dreams and opportunities; your hard work and dedication are the measuring units for your success in the coming years.

Find Work and Spend less
Studying in US is not a cheap affair. You will find it difficult to manage your expenses unless you work part-time. Since commodities are not cheap in US, after college, most of the students work part-time and earn to finance their living. To buy stuff such as clothes, things to eat, cosmetics, and pay bills you have to spend economically.

As Indians, you are accustomed of eating food such as pulses, roti, veggies and gravy with spices. You will easily locate such stores selling eatables that Indians consume. Knowing or learning to cook is an asset and an added skill that will benefit you in the long run.

To be in routine learn manage time
Your primary objective is to study but you have to manage many things in a foreign land that too on your own. At times drawing time for studies and work may seem difficult, but when you discipline your life, it will become easy to make odds meet. Like in India, household help is available inexpensive, but as a student affording a helper in US will cost you a big amount.

Be safe when outdoor
As a student, you will want to be aware of your surroundings, and for the same, you will be visiting places. In such times you have to avoid dark alleys and late-nights. Try to be amid people who you know and trust. Though most of the places in US are patrolled and well monitored, still being cautious while making monetary transactions is necessary.

While you study in USA, you may fear to lose your own identity, being true to yourself regardless of the place you belong, following your value system, and principles will hold your identity wherever you may choose to work after your education. You have to present yourself in the best manner and be as you've always perceived.

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