FRANCE: One of the Premier Destinations to Study Creative Arts and Design

FRANCE: One of the Premier Destinations to Study Creative Arts and Design

The auditory memory of the name of France can take people into a world of cathedrals and châteaux (castles, in French), even those who haven’t actually visited the place; such is the grandeur of France. The nucleus of all haute quality arts; this is where the ripples of Renaissance were felt in the 15th Century. Numerous accomplished artists including painters, sculptors, potters, architects, engravers and lineographers flourished and were supported by this land of art during Renaissance and continue to prove their artistic mettle which is idiosyncratic to the place. Jean Fouquet, Pierre Quesnel, Bernard Palissy, Antoine Caron, JaquesBellange were a very few of those who uplifted the status of the arts to bring the best to the world.

Today too, the monuments and buildings that France houses are of great relevance to historians, culturists, archaeologists, writers, poets and even those not in the academia like travellers and travel enterprises, businesses, artists, architects, designers, and decorators. Apart from the structures being grand spectacles that can be observed for months, the intricacies of design have become a basis of work for almost all artistic fields. It’s a heaven for the living to feel alive.

The capital city of Paris has always been known for the celebrated structures like the sculptor called The Thinker, the Louvre – the largest arts museum in the world and a historic monument, and the Notre Dame. France is also revered for its contemporary sense of the arts with both modern and quaint cafes lining the streets for impulsive travellers and connoisseurs, world’s greatest book stores and the industrial and design genius of the Eiffel tower.        

Study in France:

For students whose greatest desires and potential is found in the field of creative arts and design, often find a home in France where they unite with like-minded creators and find their creative abilities taking flight. Some programs offered in France in the fields of arts are in unique combination and are only found in the academic institutes here and the pedagogy and works of art of the virtuosos that one gets to see and learn from first-hand can only be experienced virtually otherwise.  

Excellence and research in France are widely acknowledged worldwide. There are many top universities and colleges in France that are placed in the most reputable international rankings such as the Financial Rankings, the Times Higher Education, the QS Rankings and many more. Therefore, studying in France will be beneficial for your career.

Some of the most exciting programs with immensely intriguing curriculums in arts and design that can be opted by international students are as follows:

Undergraduate Programs

 – Bachelor in Visual Merchandising

 – BFA in Interior Design

 – BFA in Art History, Theory and Criticism

 – BA in Design Management

 – BFA in Photography

 – BFA in Illustration

Graduate Programs

 – Master of Interior Architecture and Design

 – Master of Arts in Interior Design

 – Master of Interior Architecture – Object Design

 – Master of Arts Contemporary Fashion Design

 – MSc Arts and Cultural Management

With strong curricula catering to practical and theoretical skills in all the diverse forms and branches of art, make France an all-encompassing destination for learning and experiencing arts. Besides the curricula, the approach to observing, learning and teaching arts is hugely different from anywhere else in the world. Moreover, the facilities, equipment and methodical approach to creating art pieces not only adds to the most invaluable things in pursuing arts – experience but also stretches and broadens horizons to immerse better in the process and the field.

In a nutshell, with a wide variety of actual tangible displays and well-tailored courses for students of specific interests, France gives the choicest opportunity for candidates pursuing and hoping to pursue the stream of arts that will place them in a different light for employers and give an edge in the ways of working even if they want to work independently.