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The United States of America is Considered to Be a Land of Opportunities.

It is one of the world’s most significant economies and churns out globally competent graduates year after year. Many students wish to study in the USA as they believe that such a decision would help them to achieve their goal of increasing their standard of living. Engineering has been a popular course for young graduates

Studying Journalism in USA – Complete Guide

Journalism has become an integral part of our lives. It is the medium that connects the world. Journalists ask questions, uncover truths for the public, and write compelling stories. If we look at the journey of journalism to date, it has changed a lot and does not look anything like it used it be half-

How to Accommodate to American living while studying in USA?

Moving from India to study in USA will be a comprehensive change, and you will have to be prepared for the many differences that you will be facing. Many students will be moving far from the comfort of their homes, family, and the region for the first time in their life. Apart from the cultural

Study in the USA After Graduation

Having the qualification of an American university mentioned on a resume spotlights a candidate in the job market. Therefore many students around the world aspire to pursue their post-graduation from a prestigious US university. Canam Consultants guides and prepares the students for pursuing the master’s course of their choice in US universities. Pursuing a post-graduation

Are You Planning to Study in USA?

“I want to study in USA.” One can hear every second youth saying so simply because USA is world’s leading and preferred education destination for international students. There are many reasons that make it the world’s best education destination. The primary reason is almost all the best colleges and universities in all streams, commerce, science,

Requirements for Getting Student Visa for USA

Out of all the prime international education destinations USA holds the number one position and there are number of factors responsible for this making USA education systems top the list. The most significant of all these reasons is the high flexibility of the US education system that gives students an opportunity to customize their course