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Benefits of Virtual Internships

Virtual internships, also known as remote internships, are an excellent method to gain practical experience while staying at home. Students may effortlessly manage their academic schedules while gaining essential work experience and learning about the business. Given that these are fantastic opportunities for students to stand out from the crowd, students must make the most

How to Make it Through Exam Season?

The season of final exams brings stress, anxiety, and mixed emotions. But if you are feeling any of this, you are not the only one. Many are putting themselves through a tough time by staying up late and drinking bottomless cups of coffee. Avoiding friends or social meetings will not help. Every coin has two

Culture of Canadian Classrooms

The culture of classrooms in top Canadian universities and colleges is quite different than the culture of Indian classrooms. At some universities and colleges, only the classes in the first year are taken in large lecture halls and generally have over 50-70 students. During the second and the third year, graduate classes are conducted in

Importance of Career Counseling

Career counseling is defined as the process in which a student seeks guidance, direction and options for the problems that one is facing. The main outcome of career counseling is to get the results that one is seeking to accomplish, particularly in terms of career options. Before proceeding with career counselling, it is important for

Importance of Online Education in Today’s Time

The rate at which technology is developing is impressive! What the world has entered into is known as the fifth industrial revolution. Here, human beings and machines create magical innovations for the world. The end goal of every change is to allow work to be done efficiently and effectively. The internet enables people to connect

Things to do as Students When Staying at Home During COVID Pandemic

The whole world is fighting the current situation of COVID-19, and most people are staying at home to keep safe. Even the most powerful nations such as USA, Canada, and UK are teeming with this health hazard, and people are losing their mental health. We are modifying our daily lifestyle; however, we have to keep

Benefits Of Doing MBA From Abroad

Growing economies, businesses and globalization, all these factors are aggressively contributing towards making MBA – Master of Business Administrative, a popular education program nationally as well as internationally. The professional trends have undergone drastic change over the years. Earlier, where companies used to prefer hiring fresher’s and then gave them in house training pertaining to