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How can you Apply to University in Canada for Indian Students?

Studying in Canada is a dream of many international students today. There were 642,480 international students in Canada in December 2019, from which 219,855 were Indian students! It is a great number and shows how much students from India are interested in studying in Canada. Indian Students like you who are planning to study in Canada usually have many

Applying to a Top University in Canada – Tips

Studying in one of the top colleges and universities is a dream of every student, and the alma maters always play a significant role in enhancing professional profiles. However, when the institute is international like the Canadian institutes, its impact is beyond imagination. So, when one is pretty careful during the entire selection process involved in finalizing

A Glimpse of Canadian University Classroom

Canada is one such country that’s been allured by a maximum of the international education aspirants. The classroom system in Canadian universities is tremendous and to study in it is once in a lifetime experience for international student. It may be overwhelming for the student entering this system for the first time. Here is a

Top Colleges in Canada by Province

Canada!!! The most popular study destination for international students. It’s like you listen to someone talking about moving abroad, and today, the first choice is Canada. As a study destination, Canada has maintained a healthy living environment and multicultural diversity. According to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), Canada’s per capital investment in